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  • Text Messages (old & deleted)
  • iMessages (old & deleted)
  • Calls, Photos & Videos
  • Emails & Browser History
  • GPS location (position will be shown on a Google map).
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Skype and many other platforms).
  • All installed and running applications.
  • Search Alerts (Alert when a pre-designated search term is searched on the mobile device)
  • Block Application (Blocks the installation of pre-designated app on the target phone)

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Highster Mobile

Remotely access texts, calls, GPS & more from any Android or supported iPhone or iPad

With over 500,000+ downloads – Highster Mobile is the most complete cell phone tracking and spy software.

Highster Mobile is a very powerful and useful cell phone monitoring app. Ideally suited to monitor your children and employees, Highster Mobile is one of the most advanced cell phone tracking and monitoring softwares used to confidentially record text messages or track call information from a specified mobile device.

Highster Mobile is a beneficial application used to effectively check on any individual’s activities on the phone or an individual’s location. Click the Buy Now button to purchase Highster Mobile now and begin tracking the cell phone you wish to monitor.

Remote access to text messages, calls, GPS location, and more.
Secretly take a picture using the target phone’s camera.
Uninstall the application from the target phone without touching it.
Receive alerts when a predefined word or term is detected on the target phone.
See all SnapChat messages even if they are no longer accessible by the SnapChat app.
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My daughter sends and recieves over 6000 text messages a month! This program sent them all to my Gmail! Very good program! Very reliable. A must for any responsible parent.
Heather, New York
I had suspicion that my daughter is engaged in inappropriate behavior online. I purchased Highster Mobile and was able to confirm it. Without Highster’s help, I would not have been able to know and correct my teen daughter’s behavior. Highly recommended for parents.
Kim, San Jose
Highster Mobile has been very useful in monitoring my son’s text messages and knowing his whereabouts.
Kevin, Miami

Highster Mobile – The Leading Cell Phone Monitoring Software

With over 500,000+ downloads, Highster is the most complete and trusted spy software on the market.

Today’s advancements in sophisticated technology have enhanced and shaped our future for a better life. The smart phones provide features that are cutting edge and offer arrays of useful functions to make our lives better. However, some of the features of cell phones pose a new kind of risk to certain sections of society which needs to be addressed before it could cause any serious issues. Nowadays, a sizable proportion of parents all over the world are worried over their children’s constant use of mobile phones and unsupervised connection they have with the outside world without any sort of monitoring. The responsible parents feel the need of a technology that would help them monitor their children’s mobile phones while at the same time not interfere in their lives personally.

Similarly, many companies would want to monitor their employees on company provided phones and find a way to log the activities they perform in the phone and not waste time on mobile phones not authorized by the company. Highster Mobile seeks to address both the above issues by offering a technology that could easily monitor your children’s mobile phones as well as offer Employers a way to track their workers activities in real time.

By the time a young child gets a new cell phone, he or she starts creating her very own personal world around it. Sadly, it’s difficult for the parents to discover what’s happening with their children online, with whom they are interacting, sending messages, where they are going to meet online friends, etc. Parents are worried about the kind of friends they make on cell phones. Today, just about all sophisticated cellular devices are internet-enabled. Once internet is enabled, children have the freedom to visit any site they want from social networking sites to forums and even gambling websites. Many of these types of online-entertainment aren’t intended for kids. Nevertheless, many young kids are often attracted towards these sites simply due to curiosity.

Numerous offenses involving young kids have their origins online. Chat rooms and social networking sites amount for the greater percentage of cyberbullying. Parents need to take control of the situation because mobile phone addiction can be a serious constraint on a child’s growth towards becoming a responsible adult. This is where a high-quality mobile tracking app like Highster Mobile comes into the picture as a lifesaver.

Almost everything done on the phone can be tracked by Highster Mobile. Including calls children make, the contact list on the phone, GPS location, email messages, browser history, pictures they take, movies they watch, and much more. The device can be constantly tracked by GPS and the location relayed to you in a secure account online. Highster Mobile can also lock the phone as well as take pictures from the target phone to locate the location without the children knowing about it.

Along with the above features, Highster Mobile also has additional sets of features to protect the children and ease worries of parents. Highster Mobile can record all iMessages on iPhones, block applications from installing, remove any unwanted apps, and gives an alert on any keywords that needs to be tracked.

Some of the features that parents can use with Highster Mobile are:

– Viewing contact lists of their children phone and who their friends are.

– Finding out the most used apps on their children’s phones.

– Confirming the physical location using GPS.

– All details related to calls, messages, online chat, etc.

– Confirming whether kids are victims of cyberbullying, sexting, etc.

Office employers seeking to reduce improper use of the company provided phones have also utilized Highster Mobile features to improve their productivity.

Some of the useful benefits of using Highster Mobile for employers are as follows:

– Keeping track of employers where ever they are using GPS.

– Track all calls made by the phone.

– Track all sites visited by the worker during office hours by using browser history function of Highster Mobile.

– Track the idle period and non productive hours of employers if the work involves constant use of phone.

– Avoid data loss of files and confidential information by locking the phone remotely in case it is lost or stolen.

Highster Mobile is considered the best mobile tracking solutions not only due to its excellent features but also due to its ease of use and user friendly interface. Highster Mobile can be used by anyone without the knowhow of technical knowledge due to the way it’s designed with ease of use in mind. Highster Mobile can be easily installed using over the links or installed through Bluetooth connection or by the use of USB cable. Once installation is complete, the software application itself can be deleted to remove any trace of the application.

Once the software is installed, Highster Mobile shows the data of the target phone in a safe and secure account which can be accessed using your own phone, tablet, or desktop computers. After buying Highster Mobile, you will receive download link, username, password, license key, and an instruction manual. The software is compatible with latest Apple and all Android mobile devices. In both cases, physical access to the device is required for about two minutes. Also, Highster Mobile is compatible with all mobile service providers. It also provides customer support to solve any problems you may face while using Highster Mobile.

There are lots of mobile phone tracking solutions online. However, Highster Mobile stands out as the best with features that are unparalleled in the industry.

– Simple installation procedure

– Top class support team

– Compatible with all advanced devices

– Compatible with all mobile service providers