Fun Jobs in the Digital World

Now that the information age is upon us and millennials are becoming adults, many people have begun making money on the side by working freelance or making money working through an app. There are all sorts of great jobs available for those that are wanting to work while they are in school, no matter what skills they have.

Sometimes all it takes is a little creativity and inspiration, and it becomes a lot easier to find jobs in places one normally wouldn’t expect.


Jobs in the Digital World


Lyft or Uber Driver

Becoming a new-age taxi driver at Uber or Lyft might not technically be “digital,” but in 2018 it counts. This is a great job for those that love to drive and have a car that gets good gas mileage. If this is a job that someone is interested in, they will need to pass a background check, and be 21 or over. They will also check the driving record through the DMV.

Upwork Freelancing

Freelancing through Upwork is another great gig for those that are wanting to work part-time or even full-time in the digital world. This type of job is more blatantly digital. Upwork is a great website that lets users post jobs or bid on the jobs that are being posted. There are all sorts of jobs being posted there, from coding to website design to content writing.

Upwork has no background screening, which may be a bonus for some. They do take a sizeable amount of the cut, so keep that in mind when bidding for jobs. Overall this is a great way to get a little part-time work in.

Photography or Videography

These days it seems like just about everyone and their mom is a photographer or a videographer. But maybe that’s because it’s just such a good gig. Those that excel in this field do very well and are able to earn a good living. But it’s also a great job for college students and others who can’t work full-time but are able to book work on the weekends and during the summer. People always need a photographer or a videographer at their weddings, so keep that in mind as well.

Social Media Marketing

These days many people spend more time on social media than they do watching television or listening to the radio. That’s why the best way to market a business right now is through social media marketing. Social media marketers can draw customers to a business and help it grow.

There’s never been a better time to get a job in the digital world. People continue to find work in this sector of the economy because it’s one of the fastest growing fields out there. If you want to apply to one of the jobs that require a background report, it may be wise to go ahead and do a reverse phone number lookup of your own number to make sure that there is nothing on the record worth reporting to the potential employer. It's worth the time!


Your Daughter’s First Concert: Monitor Her to Protect Her

Your teen daughter’s first concert is an exciting event and a rite of passage: experiencing live music for the first time. When the lights down and her favorite band or musician emerges on stage, your teen has entered a new level of independence.

Music—especially live music—makes people feel alive, but a live concert is rife for bad behavior if your teen isn’t careful. Usually, teen girls just want to sing together at the top of their lungs and act silly, but concerts also foster their independence and it’s only natural that a teen grows up during one show.

So how do you ensure your teen is safe at her first concert? Other than buying a ticket and sitting behind her, a concerned parent can install a mobile monitoring app like Highster Mobile on her daughter’s smartphone. What would a spy cell phone number app like Highster Mobile do? Well, just think about the things that you didn’t tell your parents when you went to shows. Then imagine being that crazy and thoughtless but under the bright lights of today’s dangerous digital world. Back then, if you were doing drugs, you didn’t take a picture and post it on Instagram. Today, kids wear their reckless behavior like a badge of honor.

A spy cell phone software on your daughter’s cell phone will also track her GPS location to make sure that she gets to the arena or music festival in the first place. When you download the software—installation takes only two to three minutes—you can follow her movements to make sure she gets to the concert and home safely.

You can also make sure she’s not meeting up with the wrong crowd—there are all sorts of people at shows. Most of them are great, and just there to enjoy the music. But some are not. Some guys are trying to sell your daughter Ecstasy. Some guys are trying to buy her drinks. Some guys want to take pictures without her knowing, and post those pictures online. Some guys are also texting those photos and using her body parts as a source of laughter and comedy for his buddies. Believe it or not, it happens.

And what about her actions after the concert? You want to make sure she’s also not using the first concert experience to illegally post the concert to certain websites. She could get into a whole new world of problems that way. Legal ones.

Highster Mobile is an amazing product because you can install the software and then monitor the targeted phone from anywhere—even from multiple devices. So even if you’re out to dinner and she’s watching Taylor Swift at Madison Square Garden, you can make sure she’s safe. You’re never far from checking up on your child. When she got her first cell phone, did you ever think you’d have peace of mind ever again? Now you can have it back.

Highster Mobile spy cell phone lookup software is there for your daughter’s first show, and beyond. A modern cell phone monitoring software app gives parents and guardians more control than they thought could ever have—even when your child is growing up and going to her first live concert. Let her enjoy Taylor, but be swift in the ways of protection.‚Äč

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How Cell Phone Spy Software Operates

Bringing up a healthy, responsible, and bright child is a dream that every parent holds to dearly. In fact, some parents are willing to go to great lengths to ensure their children get the best. However, this intention can be compromised by the ever rising levels of risks and threats that lay everywhere waiting to confuse and destroy your kids' life. One sure way of addressing this problem is using cell phone spy software that helps to monitor a child and tells you what he/she is doing all the time. However, understanding the software and the way they operate is very important to use them correctly and hold the right expectations. This article details what you should know about cell phone spy software operations.

  • The software has to get access to the target kid’s cell phone

The spy software must have access to the targeted phone/s to be able to monitor the kid's activities. Many require that you jailbreak the phone and install the app while others are advanced and can be installed remotely. If the parent finds it difficult to jailbreak a phone, top software like Highster Mobile Spy and mSpy are great options to install remotely.

  • The user monitors the phone via a dashboard on an online account

Once you have purchased the app, you are required to open an account that allows you to monitor all the aspects that you want about the kid. Many of them have a dashboard with various features to track calls, messages, and stored information. Besides, the control dashboard allows the parent to take control of the phone so that numbers and addresses that are malicious are blocked from accessing the cell phone text tracking app.

  • A parent sets the software to get alerts when a kid does something wrong

One great thing about technology is that it allows the spy software to send alerts when an undesirable activity is done. The software allows you to list and block websites and links that the kid should not access. Besides, it also enables you to list keywords that you think can lead to harmful activities and alert you when pages, sites, messages, or chats with them are noted.

  • The software allows the parent to mark allowed and forbidden areas for a child

Using geo-fencing features, a parent can designate the areas that are okay and, therefore, allowed for a kid as well as those that are forbidden. For example, during school days, the school area is designated as allowed while other places outside are forbidden. If the kid moves to the forbidden area, the software sends alert to the parent immediately.

  • Utilizes GPS technology to pinpoint location of the child

When you release a kid to go partying with others in the evening, it is important to be cognizant of his/her whereabouts at all times. The track phone app spy software allows the user to pinpoint the exact location of the kid all the time. This feature is very important because it can help to locate the phone if stolen or reach the child if abducted.

  • The parent can control the phone remotely

One critical thing about cell spy software is that the parent has complete control over the phone remotely. Therefore, if you want a kid to be doing something and the cell phone is interrupting, you can switch some or all applications. For example, you can turn off messaging, browsers, and calling capabilities during study or sleeping time.


 If you think that your kid is involved in bad activities or company, the best thing is to get good cell spy software like Highster Mobile Spy that has multiple capabilities. It is also affordable and does not come with hidden charges for users. Make sure to understand the outlined uses and test them well before buying cell phone spy software. 


What You Didn’t Know About Highster Mobile Spy Software

Highster Mobile is one of the best spy software in the United States. Having experience in the market, the consumers can attest to the fact that it satisfies their need and that there have never been regret for the purchase of this software. Although working so simple the Highster Mobile works as a magic to spy on the targeted person. It is true that so many spy software providers are in the consumer market and all seem to provide the same services when not analyzed well. It is good to note that there is so much going on in the software production and if the consumer is not keen, he or she will end up crying for his money. Highster Mobile, therefore, provides the consumer with the best thus eliminating form of future worry. Now, one may ask why the Highster Mobile, what is so unique about this spy software provider and features.

The most important thing about the Highster Mobile, a contact free spy cell phone download, is that it can monitor the other cell phone remotely. This means that you do not need to have the target cell phone in your hands for you to install it. The Highster Mobile can be installed even without having the cell phone of the targeted person at hand. This will ensure that your confidentiality is catered for and that the other person does not get to know that you are spying on them because no evidence will be left for them to know that you are spying on them. Your privacy and confidentiality is therefore guaranteed. All you need to do to spy on the other person using the Highster Mobile spy software is just to input the number of the other person and the process of installation is completed. Your child will never know that you are spying on them and no form of guilt and worry will come your way because the process is legal and promises your confidentiality.

Another thing that the contact free spy cell phone tracking software, Highster Mobile, offers you is the ability to view both deleted and past texts. The fact remains that for problem to be solved, there is a need to know the cause roots of the problem. A parent may realize the need to start monitoring the child when the problem has already escalated and may not be able to find the exact cause without the provision of the past messages. A child may also realize that the parent is spying on them and develop the tendency of deleting every text that may give suspicious information to the parent. When this happens Highster Mobile Spy is well designed to help in such situations. It has the ability to forward you with the texts that the targeted person has deleted and those that he had sent in the past. This help to know the root cause of the problem and be able to take the necessary measure against it. Be sure that Highster Mobile is all inclusive.

The activated microphone is a thing to applaud in Highster Mobile worry free spy gear for cell phones. The microphone is activated in such a way that it will help you know the activities that are going on in the surrounding of the targeted person. How? The microphone is activated in such a way that it is able to record the conversations that are going on in the surrounding and send them to you. In addition to the microphone, it has the inbuilt camera that can take videos and photos of the targeted person and the surrounding. Therefore you can be sure to have both the audio and the pictorial evidences concerning a particular issue.


safeguarde from Pat Stanley on Vimeo.


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The All Inclusive Spy Software for Parents

The Highster Mobile is one of the best cell phone monitoring software in the consumer market that safely monitors activities taken by children and employees through simply entering the mobile phones numbers of the targeted person. With the variety of feature that makes it unique, such as the call, GPS and text monitoring features, the application managers, the search alerts, the blocking system and the social media monitoring, the spy software has helped so many people including the  parents, employers and individual to safeguard their children, companies and cooperatives to find information about a particular issue. The spy software has been recommended due to its compatibility, functionality, tracking system, reporting capability pricing, the ever available customer service and the fact that it's an easy cell phone spy software. There is no doubt that every person needs the Highster Mobile cell phone monitoring software.

So many competitions have developed in the markets and some are even providing free services. However remember that cheap cell phone spy software is expensive and there is nothing good that comes for free. Although the competition has grown high, the Highster Mobile software has remained relevant and among the lead in the markets. Talk about the coming of the net nanny. It is good to note that with all the available features in the net nanny it is so obvious that the online monitoring process is sorted but what about the offline activities of the targeted person? The major question that raises concerns to all parents is whether the action that allows you to monitor online activities only is ever enough. Remember that in this digital works, your child will always explore and use their phone fully. Exploration is the norm of the day. Talk about the texts, the calls, what about the persons that you do not want to be in contact with your child for one reason or the other. That is why even with the coming of the net nanny the Highster Mobile still remains relevant in the market because it goes beyond the limited online activities.

Parents should, therefore, get something that will cut across both online and off line activities that will give them the best satisfaction. More advanced software such as the Highster Mobile cell phone spy software are more inclusive and may be more appropriate for parents that may need more than just online monitoring. The main feature that makes the Highster Mobile spy software be both efficient for both online and off line monitoring as mentioned above  includes the call recording that helps you monitor calls and conversation that your child makes. This works with the help of the microphone activator. The text message forwarding is also an additional feature. This feature enables you to receive the emails and text messages that your child receives on the phone. The ability to locate both present and deleted texts is also a feature that will enable you to get more.

With the all inclusive, worry free apps for cell phone spying, the parents will never worry of the actions that their children are taking even when they are away. With Highster Mobile, the parent is also sure that children would never know that they are spying on them thus no pretense will be made by the child but the child will act as usual thus giving the best results. The invisible mode is another feature that makes it difference from the others. That do not run invisibly, therefore, every parent would be very pleased to know every activity that goes on in the lives of their children and to avoid being ignorant and having the feeling that my baby is very safe and innocent.


Is There Really a Good Reason to Spy on an Elderly Parent?

My 84-year old mother, who lives on her own, recently fell in her bathroom and couldn’t get help. It took four hours before a neighbor came home and heard my mom hoarsely hollering from her apartment. She suffered a broken hip, a nasty bump on the head… and a bruised ego.

You’ve heard these stories before, watched the commercials with the old woman laying on the floor yelling into her Life-Alert necklace, “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” You probably laughed the first few hundred times, then forgot about them. I know I did. But now I’m paying attention again—and I’m not laughing. Not anymore. I’m seriously considering it. I’m also considering some other things as well, like cell phone spy ware.

My mom has a bruised ego, but still refuses to move in with us. She’s been living alone for nearly 20 years since my father passed. She likes living alone. She says she doesn’t want to be a burden to us and that she doesn’t want us to be a burden to her. She’s very honest. And that’s why I have to be the same with her. That’s why I told her, “You’re old.” I know. That’s harsh—but my parents always believed in tough love. And if you love someone, then you tell them the truth—and the truth is my mom is old.

That’s hard for elderly people to hear. Even harder to admit. But it’s true. That’s why I told her that if she insists on still living alone then I’m going to have to take some measures to make sure she is safe—some of them more unorthodox than we’re used to. So I got her to agree to three things….

The first thing I got her to say “yes” to was getting the Life-Alert system. She would wear it around her neck and press the button if she was hurt, but what if she couldn’t press the button for some reason? Well, she also agreed that it would be wise to install a nanny-cam in a couple of rooms. We didn’t want to invade her privacy too much, so I told her I would only check it if I didn’t hear from her or just once in a while. I explained, and she knew, that the last thing I wanted to see was my old mom traipsing around in her housecoat with her hair in curlers. For the record, she doesn’t own a housecoat or wear curlers in her hair. Thirdly, we agreed that it would be wise to install a cell phone monitoring app on her smartphone. Yes, she has one of those. A lot of elder folks do. They’re old, not dead.

We did a lot of research on mobile monitoring apps and found that they are great for keeping loved ones safe. Besides being able to read texts and emails (which is helpful in protecting the elderly from being targeted by hackers and scammers), we can actually activate the camera and microphone to survey and listen in on my mom’s surroundings—which is great if she’s out of earshot of a nanny-cam. Of course she’d have to have the phone on her, so we told her that she’ll need to start carrying it around more—especially if she goes to the store or out to the mailbox. Cell phone spy wear programs also lets us track her device via GPS, in case she—or the phone if it’s stolen—goes missing.

We’re still looking at spy apps and have narrowed it down to three, based on reviews and product descriptions: Auto Forward, SurePoint and Highster Mobile. I was tempted by all the cell phone spy tracker software free download, but I decided these three one-time fee programs were worth my time and money. Each claims to do everything that I think we need and they are all affordable. I believe, that by installing this app on her phone, along with getting Life-Alert and the nanny-cams, my mom will be able to continue living on her own not just safely, but safer.



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Is Your Teen Safe and Sound? Make Sure with a Top-Rated Mobile Monitoring App!

It’s after 10 p.m. and your daughter is still not home and you’re starting to get worried. Her shift at the surf and turf restaurant should have ended at 9—and she usually rolls in about 9:30—but she still hasn’t returned. Even more troublesome … she hasn’t called.

You waited a good 30 minutes before dialing her cell, but she didn’t answer. You left her a message and then hung up, hoping she would call back right away. She didn’t. You waited 5 more minutes before texting … twice. Still nothing. You don’t like to go overboard and make multiple calls and texts, but this is out of character for your reliably responsible girl, so you send two more texts and call again before hopping in the car and heading over to the restaurant.

You get there and don’t see her car in the lot, but you head in any way and ask her fellow employees and manager. They all say she left—as far as they know, by herself. Now, you’re really getting worried. You call her phone again hoping maybe she lost it and can’t call you. Then you dial home and your husband says there’s still no sign of her. You get back in the car and start driving the route you expect her to travel. Nothing. Eventually, you contact the police.

Twenty-four hours later, you find out she’s dead. Gone forever. Never to enter your front door again. You won’t get to hug her. You won’t get to speak to her. You won’t get to see her graduate or go to college or get married or anything. She’s gone.

This is a situation that happens all too often in America. Thousands of families are devastated each month by the tragic loss of a teenage child—whether by car crash, murder, abduction, rape, gang shooting, etc. There are so many ways your child can be harmed that you almost don’t want to ever let them out of your sight. But you have to.

That being said, you should do yourself a favor and install a top cell phone spy free of contact on your teen’s smartphone so that you can keep track of where your loved one is, who they are talking to, and what pictures and videos they are sending and receiving. You might be thinking is there a cell phone spy free app available to you so that you can monitor someone whenever you feel like it? There are free options, but that's not the best option in this kind of case.

A reliable mobile monitoring app will enable you to access your teen’s phone so that you can make sure they aren’t being preyed on by sexual predators, drug dealers, bullies, and more. You can track their whereabouts via GPS and even turn on their phone’s camera and microphone to survey your teen’s environment in order to make sure they’re safe and sound.

Don’t let your child become a picture on a milk carton or a top story on the 10 p.m. news, install a trusted and highly rated cell phone spy free download once you purchase the Highster Mobile software. Then you can put it on your teen’s phone as soon as possible.



Get Refunds When You Deserve it with Highster Mobile

How many times have you been refunded having being given a product that does not satisfy you? This is a very rare activity especially with the service providers in the internet world. Many are the times when persons purchase items or product and later find out that the product or the item does not satisfy them but lack to be refunded or catered for by the service provider. There have been many people that have asked "can I spy on a cell phone?" but they haven't gotten satisfaction from the competitors. With the Highster Mobile cell phone monitoring software, the story of non refund change as it is a culture that when a client is not satisfied with the product or when the installation process is not successful, the client is refunded without any deductions attached to it.

The Highster Mobile has a policy know as the refund policy that regulates the purchasing of the software. It is very important to check if a provider has a refund policy before the purchase of any product or service. The refund policy of the Highster Mobile should always be read before completing the order. The main content of the policy is the explanation of the purchaser’s rights regarding the purchasing process which mainly elaborates the potential exclusions and restrictions when cell phone bugs spy gadgets occur. It is important to note that once the order is placed it is a sign that the person purchasing has read and agreed to the refund policy.

The Highster Mobile refund policy states that if a person is not fully satisfied with the service and the software that has been provided to them, they are entitled to seek a full refund according to the refund terms and conditions that are outlined in the refund policy. This gives you an opportunity of getting just what you need. Before requesting for a refund, the purchaser is usually advised to seek help from the customer care thus avoiding unnecessary misunderstandings. The refund policy has surely enhanced the quality of services being provided thus with Highster Mobile, you always receive the best .Remember that a time spun has also been attached to the refund time and that refunds should be claimed within 10 days.

The refunds are given under terms and conditions as stated. First it is clear that no refund will be done for claims made after 10 days. Once the license key has been activated, no refund will be made. This is because the key activation means the acceptance of delivery of the call phone listening spy gadgets product and that of the terms and conditions. Once the software has been used by the purchaser in any capacity, no refund will be issued. When the provider alerts you of an upgrading to the latest Highster Mobile, yet one does not adhere to the alert, no refund will be made.

The reason that may lead to refund includes; if the phone that is targeted no longer has internet access. When a customer fails to follow the installation instructions well and therefore fails to be successful, when the customer looses access to the target person, if the client is unable to receive the data from the targeted phone due to installation problems and failures. If the customer expected that buying of one license will enable the monitoring of a number of phones not knowing that one license equals to one phone. Due to personal reasons for example mind change. When a client is unwilling to jailbreak an apple device, to conduct rooting on the android device, or if the customer is unwilling or unable to conduct the trouble shooting process.

The refund procedure requires you to send refund request to [email protected] that no refund requests made by live conversation or through the phone is acceptable.


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Dangers of Losing Your Smartphone and How Cell Phone Spy Can Help

If you're someone who tends to forget where you left your phone, you should seriously consider installing a cell phone locator on your device. According to studies, once you lose your smartphone, there's a 50/50 chance that you will still get it back. However, chances are higher that the person who will find your lost phone will look into your apps and whatever private information is in your smartphone.

Clearly, there's a lot of risk that comes with losing a cell phone, especially when it comes to sensitive information. Thus, proper data/device management and security policies need to be in place.

The Honey Stick Project

In this case study by Symantec, 50 smartphones were left intentionally in various places, including, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, New York, and Ottawa, Canada. The smartphones were placed in locations that were easy to find, like public restrooms and food courts.

None of the smartphones had any security features like passwords to restrict access. Instead, they were loaded with numerous apps and dummy files which contained fake information. Researchers also installed some cell phone spy software on each phone to keep track of what finders would do with the smartphones. Not only did such software track a cell phone, but it also send reports to the researchers.

What Are the Findings?

It was found that among 72 percent of those who found the devices attempted to access photos, and 57 percent went on to open a folder named 'Saved Password'. Also, 43 percent attempted to open a file named 'Online Banking'. 

According to experts, what the finders did can be considered as an unethical access attempt. Another alarming fact is that of all the people who found the devices, only half of them tried to contact the owner of the phone although their contact details were stored and prominently listed in the contact list of the phone.

How to Protect Your Personal Data in Your Smartphone

a. Make sure that your phone has a password, or the 'draw to unlock' pattern to block unauthorized access to it.

b. Utilize any security software specifically designed for mobile devices and smartphones. This software has the ability to wipe the phone's memory from remote locations, so you can erase all the information on your phone.

c. Install a cell phone locator on your smartphone. Certain programs like Highster Mobile phone spy come with cell phone locator features that allow owners to track the exact location of their devices. What's amazing about Highster Mobile also is that it allows you to monitor the activities on your phone, such as text messaging, web browsing, and social networking. It also has a stealth camera feature that activates the phone's camera and takes photos of its surroundings.

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Dangers of Smartphones on Children That Mobile Phone Spyware Can Prevent

Smartphones are highly advanced types of mobile devices that are capable of so many things, which is also the reason why finding the best cell phones on the market can be very challenging. Among the most useful features of smartphones are video recorders, media players, portable cameras, as well as GPS units. 

Aside from all those functions, smartphones also come with a lot of entertainment features and apps, which young children really enjoy using. But is it okay to let children have their own smartphones? What exactly are the effects of such devices on their health and wellbeing?

Here are the dangers that can be caused by smartphones on your kid's' growth:

1. Smartphones prevent children from experiencing true social interaction.

A lot of smartphone apps and games are designed specifically for children. While the intention of the makers of these apps and games is to offer entertainment and a unique kind of education, the effects they have on children are often undesirable. Basically, smartphones discourage kids from interacting with other children and people. Today, children are hardly seen playing outdoor games and doing different activities that are beneficial for their growth and development.

2. Smartphones may result in the weakening of your child's eyes.

Studies show that extreme exposure to smartphones at an early age is likely to result in poor eye sight for children. When your child spends a lot of time using his smartphone, his eyes may be under a lot of stress, which can lead to headaches and migraine as well. To make sure this doesn't happen to your child, set limitations as to how long they can use their phones. With the help of mobile phone spyware, you will know how much time your child spends every day on his or her phone.

3. Smartphones can hinder your child's brain development.

When using smartphones, kids form the habit of shifting from one option to another, and this teaches them to pick up only small bits of information, which is definitely a hindrance to their brain development. Thus, it's important that you prevent your child from spending way too much time using their devices.

4. Smartphone use can affect your child's physical development.

Children easily get hooked on video and online games, and so they tend to be in the same position for a long time. As a result, kids lack the physical activity that their bodies require to fully develop. This can also result to obesity in children.


As a parent, you have to be aggressive enough if you want to protect your child from the harmful effects of smartphones. Invest in the best spy app for iPhone like Highster Mobile, which can be an effective tool that you can use to monitor your child's use of smartphones.