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how long should a kid play video games

How Long Should Kids Be Playing Video Games For?

The debate on “how long should a kid play video games?” might not be as one-sided as it was. When video games started becoming popular, they were considered detrimental to…

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minspy review

Minspy Review

Remotely monitoring cell phones can now be easily accomplished, thanks to various tech-advanced spy apps available in the market. These modern tools are programmed to automatically extract all available information…

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spy app to monitor teens

Should Parents Use a Phone Spy App to Monitor Their Teens?

Various technological advancements have provided modern solutions to various safety and security concerns – from ‘how to remotely track employees’ to ‘how to hack someone’s Facebook.’ There are also some…

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net nanny review

Net Nanny Review

Everything is becoming more and more digitized – even kid’s activities like socialization and playtime. The internet has many things to offer that will keep kids glued to mobile devices…

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dangers of the internet for children and teens

8 Dangers of The Internet for Children & Teenagers

The world wide web or the internet seems like a galaxy of various pages, platforms, and content. No one knows for sure the depth of this virtual universe and how…

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porn blocker

The Best Free Apps To Block Explicit Content Online

The internet is home to a wealth of knowledge and various types of content. Technology has made it as easy as opening a web browser or entering keywords on search…

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mspy review

mSpy Review

Phone monitoring software and apps can be utilized as a child parental control, an employee monitoring tool, and an overall tracking and monitoring software. Getting a monitoring app is easy…

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facebook messenger kids

Facebook Messenger Kids: Everything You Need To Know

There are several means to access the internet and virtually communicate with others across the globe. Unfortunately, not all social media platforms or instant messaging apps are programmed with maximum…

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how to track a samsung phone

How To Track A Samsung Phone

Where is my phone?!?! We’ve all heard those words at least once in our lives. From a friend, family member, or worse, from yourself. With how attached we are to…

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