10 Unusual Reasons To Use A Monitoring App

reasons to use a spy app
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10 Unusual Reasons To Use A Monitoring App

Everyone has their own reasons for using monitoring apps. Easy-to-use mobile monitoring apps have increased in usage. Many people use these apps nowadays, and the numbers are only increasing. Below, we will highlight ten possible reasons behind the use of these apps.

1. Tracking employees’ social media activity

Using a monitoring app will help you track your workplace efficiently, and employers will be able to track the number of hours employees spend on social media. This helps their decision-making process when it comes to letting go of certain underperforming employees, or just evaluating business performance.

2. Safeguarding children against predators and sex offenders

Parents can be able to safeguard and check their child’s phone via a spy app to keep them safe from sex offenders and online predators.

3. Cyberbullying

Bullying is common these days, and keeping a check on your child’s phone can help ensure that they don’t suffer from it

4. Dangerous apps

These are apps parents wish to keep their children away from. They promote secrecy, photo sharing, and so on. Some of these are actually made to be hidden away from parents. Fortunately, they can’t be hidden from spy apps.

5. Identifying theft

This is on the rise, and identity thieves look to target teenagers. Someone can easily use their ID or social security number, and they won’t even know—spy apps will catch them.

6. Unconsented sexting

This is a common phenomenon between teenagers these days, who are naïve to the dangers of sending nude photos to strangers online. If parents can track their activities, they will be able to stop them before it’s too late.

7. Monitoring employee attendance

Employers can know the exact number of hours completed by each of their workers through spy apps. It gives them an accurate picture of employee performance as well. Such information is always beneficial to a growing business.

8. GPS tracking

This allows employers to find out where their workers are going, and if the company car is being used for the right purposes. This is especially true if your workers are always on the road. It includes truck drivers, visual brand merchandisers, and so on.

9. Making Sure Business Secrets Are Being Leaked

It’s uncommon, but business secrets can be leaked to news outlets and competitors by employees. As a business owner, it’s important to ensure the you business is secure from all angles. By monitoring company-owned device use, you’ll be able to track all incoming and outgoing company messages.

10. You’ll always find your phone

No matter where you drop your phone, a spy app will ensure you find it. It will save you the money of buying a new one, too!

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