3 Reasons Why You Need Parental Control Apps

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3 Reasons Why You Need Parental Control Apps

9ec6532Your child may disagree.

But the truth is that parental control apps are necessary, now more than ever. With around 1,209,600 pieces of new data being produced by social media users each day, you really cannot monitor what your child might see.

It doesn’t help that nearly all young individuals nowadays (72 percent) use smartphones. So it’s even easier to access all sorts of information online without any supervision, some of which may not exactly be beneficial for them.

So what should a parent do?

The answer could be parental control apps.

What is a Parental Control App?

It’s not as Big Brother-ish as it sounds.

A parental control app is simply an app that sifts through the system, giving you (the parent) the gist on what your child might be surfing the internet for. Phone monitoring apps such as Highster Mobile for example, allow you to view who they’re texting or calling, what their search results are.

By using such apps to keep an eye on your child’s online activities, you can at least nip a problem in the bud if something happens.

Why Use Parental Control Apps

1. To Improve Your Child’s Online Safety

It’s no secret that our younger generation is not really educated in online etiquette. They share all their information online, their locations, their special moments, even their mood swings. However, access to such intimate information can leave them open to cyber bullying and even cybercrime.

By using such apps to keep track of their online activities, parents can teach their children about online safety and what they shouldn’t share on social media.

2. To Improve their Online Reputation

6d710f47def2The internet is forever. Whatever your child shares today could come back to bite them in the future, especially if the information, photos or even opinions are offensive or ignorant. Using parental control apps will give you security so you can monitor whatever your child shares. And have it deleted if it’s too inflammatory.

3. To Keep their Data Safe

This is probably the most important reason to use parental control apps. Your child’s phone is a vault of information. It holds their important documents, details, photos and data, all things that could become vulnerable to malware and viruses. By using these apps as data backups, you can keep digital files safe, even if the phone itself dies.

Install the Right App!

By Installing Highster Mobile on your iPhone or Android device, you’ll be able to retrieve useful information and monitor their cell usage.

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