3 Simple Methods to Improve Employee Productivity

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3 Simple Methods to Improve Employee Productivity

Employees spend an average of five hours every day at their office desks, which companies are rightfully paying for. There are times, however, when an employee’s output does not match the time they spent working on it. Thus, it is important for managers or employers to be aware of how employees spend their time at work. In this case, cell phone monitoring software is the perfect tool you can use for employee monitoring.

As a manager, here are the things you can do to boost productivity, efficiency and engagement among your employees:

1. Don’t be overly strict about internet use in the workplace.

Many employers have very tight restriction over the use of the Internet in the workplace. This is their way of preventing the misuse of their computers as well as to discourage workers from wasting their time surfing the web. However, it is a fact that many things can be done and tasks accomplished more efficiently if workers are allowed to surf the web freely.

A good example is the use of the internet, particularly social media for marketing. According to studies, marketing on social media can play a huge role in helping employees and businesses grow. Thus, it would be to your advantage if you let your employees use social media for advertising your business. Besides, there are several types of surveillance equipment you can use to monitor their Internet activity.

2. Consistently evaluate employee productivity.

Before you can measure the level of productivity and the quality of performance of your employees, you first need to set goals for the team, with results that are easily measurable. Take note also that in order for productivity stats to be improved, there should first be some reporting numbers. That way, you will have a clear idea of what has to be improved in the workplace, and how your employee performance can be enhanced.

3. Do not forget the importance of brain breaks.

While it is important that you monitor employee productivity to ensure the stability and success of the company, you should not forget that your employees are humans, too. Thus, they need a break from time to time. You can help your workers become more creative, enthusiastic and productive by allowing them to take short vacations. In the long run, it is the company who will benefit from this.


When it comes to monitoring your employees, there are various tools or devices you can use, such as Highster Mobile for tracking a cell phone. With the help of such technology, you will be able to let your employees enjoy some freedom at work, while at the same time ensuring that no company resources are wasted and misused.

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