4 Tips for Preventing Theft and Fraud in the Workplace

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4 Tips for Preventing Theft and Fraud in the Workplace

Whether it’s in the form of downloading company information, sharing confidential data, stealing merchandise, or manipulating financial reports, employee theft is a serious issue that business owners have to address. According to studies, occupational fraud can lead to significant loss in an organization’s revenue. As a business owner, this poses a huge challenge, especially when you are still in doubt if employee monitoring, such as with the use of Highster Mobile monitoring software, is necessary.

Read on to learn some tips on how you may prevent or manage employee theft and fraud:

1. Utilize pre-employment background checks properly

One of the ways you can prevent fraudulent employee behavior is to avoid hiring a fraudulent employee in the first place. During the hiring process, make sure you do strict background checks on your candidates, especially those who are applying for positions that deal with cash or have access to confidential information.

2. Do not ignore candidate references

It’s surprising that many employers skip checking applicants’ references. It is good practice to check on a candidate’s references to know if the former has a history of any fraudulent behavior in their previous workplaces. Reference checks will also give you an insight of the kind of person and professional a job candidate is.

3. Come up with an employee code of ethics and conduct and proactively communicate it

Although a code of conduct may not totally prevent fraudulent behaviors from happening, the standards you set will serve as a legal basis of what employees can and cannot do in the workplace. It is important for employees to have a clear understanding of what is expected of them, so they would also be aware of the consequences of doing something that goes against their code of ethics and conduct.

4. Don’t be afraid to employ monitoring in the workplace

Employee monitoring is common practice these days mainly because of the availability of a wide range of inexpensive monitoring tools. Cell phone tracking, for one, is very popular as it allows employers to see how workers are using their time at work. With the help of Highster Mobile phone monitoring software, you can see if any of your employees are getting unauthorized access to company information. Monitoring your employees’ phones also allows you to locate them through the software’s GPS feature.

Cell phone monitoring can play an important role in your ability to monitor your employees’ activities in the workplace. Through this, you can also protect your confidential information and valuable merchandise from being stolen or illegally utilized. And when it comes to cell phone monitoring, there is no other name to trust but Highster Mobile phone monitoring software. It has all the important monitoring functions and features that will give you all the information you need about your employees.

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