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How To Set Up Amazon Echo Parental Controls

amazon echo parental controls

What Is Amazon Echo? 

Amazon Echo is a line of smart speakers from Amazon. The devices offer purchasing through online marketplaces like Amazon, and users can control the devices by interacting with Alexa, the AI assistant that accompanies the devices. There is also an Alexa app to help users control the devices from their smartphones. 

There are many different models of the Echo like the Echo Dot, which can be purchased directly from Amazon or from local electronics stores and retailers. Echo can be used to do many things like see what the weather is like, make purchases from the Amazon store, or to automatically play music through the speakers with a voice command. 

Amazon Echo Parental Controls

Those who are using Amazon Echo for their families can utilize and set parental controls to help keep their family safe. Create an Amazon Household Account to begin editing settings for the device. 

Access to the internet means that there are a lot of things kids could access through an Amazon Echo by purchasing things or giving other voice commands. The settings of the Household Account gives parents control of settings on their child’s devices. 

To make controls for the Amazon Echo, first create an account with Amazon Household Account, and download the Amazon Alexa App. There is a monthly fee for using Amazon Kids+, but it is a great way for parents to make sure their family is safe while they are using Amazon Echo. 

Amazon Household Account 

To edit the parental settings of the Echo, create and login to an Amazon Household Account. Once the app is open, click Accounts and Lists and Account. Select Shopping ProgramsRentals Amazon Household. Now the parent can add a child whose settings they want to edit. 

In this section, parents can select Manage Your Content and Devices to control settings and create a pin code for purchases or turn off voice-activated purchase for a particular Amazon Echo Alexa device. 

Amazon Kids+ (Formerly FreeTime Unlimited) 

Amazon Kids+ is an app that gives kids unlimited access to books, movies, and TV shows for a monthly fee. It is a great way for parents to get their kids content that is designed just for them. It is a very kid-friendly service, with content like Sesame Street, Frozen, and Legos. They can access the service directly from their mobile device. 

Amazon Kids+ has default parental control settings to limit voice purchases and there is no adult content. This helps parents know that their kids are not accessing inappropriate content while they are using the Amazon Echo device.  

Alexa App

Amazon also has an app that is available in the Google Play app and the App Store called the Alexa App. This is an easy way to connect the smartphones of the house to the Echo speaker system. The app can be used to set-up shopping lists or listen to music, and over time will adapt to the user’s vocabulary and voice using its AI technology. 

Setting Up Kids+ In The Alexa App

To set-up Amazon Kids+ in the Alexa App, login to the account on the app. Then, select the three lines in the upper left corner to access the menu. Select Settings and Device Settings. Now, the parent can select the name of the device that they want to enable Kids+ on, then tap Add Child. Here, the parent can edit the child’s information, so be aware that Amazon will now have access to the child’s birthday and personal info. 

Echo Dot Kids Edition

For parents that want a smart speaker that is designed just for kids, Amazon has the Echo Dot Kids Edition, a version of Amazon Echo that includes a year of Amazon Kids+ so that kids will have access to kid-friendly content. Kids will be able to use the Echo Dot Kids Edition to interact with Alexa. 

Keeping Kids Safe on Amazon Echo 

There are Amazon Echos in millions of households with families whose kids are using the devices. It is important for Amazon to make the devices kid-friendly by using Amazon Kids+, the Parent Dashboard, and other parental controls.

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