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How To Set Up Amazon Fire Parental Controls

amazon fire parental controls

What is the Amazon Fire? 

The Amazon Kindle Fire is a tablet that supports Wi-Fi and allows users to play games, access social media, browse the web, and the Kindle app. There are a lot of people who are getting these devices to use for themselves or for their children. The Fire HD 8 is the current flagship tablet from the company. 

Amazon has implemented built-in parental controls on their tablets that parents can use to keep their kids safe when they are using them.

Amazon Fire Parental Controls 

There are a lot of parental control features available for parents on the Fire. Settings that can be controlled include web browser filters, contacts, camera, The Amazon Store, and apps.  The ability to control these settings keeps kids safe while they are using the devices. 

To begin setting up the parental control features on the Amazon Fire, go to the settings by swiping down from the top. Tap Parental Controls and select the switch next to it to turn on the features. Now, enter a password that will be used to manage the content and device restrictions on the account. The lock icon at the top of the screen indicates that parental controls are on on the device. 

Password Protection 

The Fire allows parents to set password protection for several features on the device that their child is using. Password protection can be enabled for purchases in the Amazon store, playing movies and TV on the Prime Video app, connecting to Wi-Fi, location services, and other content types on the device. 

Set a Curfew

On Amazon’s tablet, parents can set a curfew for when the child is able to use the device. This functions as a screen time setting. In parental controls, click the switch icon next to Set a Curfew to turn on the settings and begin setting schedules for when the device can be used. 

Monitor Tablet Activities

The Amazon Fire allows parents to monitor the activities on the device. Navigate to Parental Controls, and click the switch next to Monitor This Profile. If the profile on the device is being monitored, there will be a parent/child option at the top of the screen.  

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited 

Users can subscribe to FreeTime Unlimited directly from their tablet. The service gives a user access to thousands of kid-friendly educational apps, books, movies, TV shows, and more. To get this service, swipe down and go to Settings. Go to Profiles & Family Library and select the child’s profile. Now, click Subscribe to Amazon Free Unlimited and choose from the options that are listed. 

To set parental controls on this service, first open the app and select the profile for the child. These settings allow the parent to set daily limits, turn off the tablet at certain times, and set age limits for the content that they can access.  

Set Daily Goals & Limits 

Parents can control usage on the device by setting limits and controlling the amount of time that kids can spend on each device. 

Turn Off By 

Another parental control feature for FreeTime Unlimited is the “Turn Off By” function. This allows parents to set the device to turn off automatically, like when it is time for the kids to go to bed. 

Set Age Limits 

Free Time Unlimited can automatically filter content based on age. There is a lot of content provided by Amazon through the service, so it is important for the kids to have access to the content that is appropriate for them. 

Keeping Kids Safe on the Amazon Fire Tablet   

The Amazon Fire tablet has great parental control features that can help parents keep their kids safe. With all the apps, books, movies, and other content kids have access to, making sure the content is age-appropriate is of the utmost importance. 

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