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How To Set Up Amazon Prime Video Parental Controls

amazon prime video parental controls

What Is Amazon Prime Video? 

Amazon Prime Video is the video streaming service from Amazon. The Prime Video app on iOS and Android devices, as well as smart TVs, Roku and Amazon Fire devices, and gaming consoles. Video content can also be view via web browser by visiting https://www.amazon.com/Amazon-Video/. It is a convenient service for those who have an Amazon account. 

The platform offers a lot of content, including movies and shows. Amazon Prime Video is like a mix between the iTunes Store and Netflix. Much of the content is “included with Prime”. However, some of the video content on the service is only available if bought or rented. 

They offer a variety of subscription options, including the ability to add-on an HBO membership. Those who are already subscribed to Amazon Prime will have access to Amazon Prime Video automatically. 

Amazon Prime Video Parental Controls 

Amazon Prime has built-in parental control features that parents can use to help keep their kids secure and safe on the platform.

Create An Account PIN

The first step to setting up restrictions for the content on Amazon Prime Video is setting up a pin. To set-up a pin one must login to the web version of Amazon. Click the Account button in the top right. Click Digital Content & Devices and then Video Settings. Then, select Parental Controls and enter the pin at the top of the page. This will be the pin used to manage parental restrictions on the Amazon Prime account. 

The security pin is very important for parents whose kids are using Amazon Prime Video. Do not share the pin, as it can be used to change the restriction settings. 

Managing Content Restrictions

There is a lot of kid friendly content available with Prime Video, but some of the content on the service is meant for mature audiences. Prime Video has a rating system so that parents can manage the content that their child is allowed to watch. 

Restricting Content 

All of the connected devices with Prime Video need to have their content restrictions managed individually. For a PC or Mac, go to Prime Video Settings and then Parental Controls. On the iOS Prime Video app on iPhones and iPads or on Android devices, go to My StuffSettings Parental ControlsViewing Restrictions. In these settings, select the age group and then select the connected devices to apply the age restrictions to. 

Restricting Purchases

Amazon Prime Video also gives parents the option to restrict their child’s ability to make in-app purchases on Prime Video. This can keep them from racking up credit card bills by purchasing movies or shows within the app. To restrict purchases, go to AccountSettingsParental Controls. When Parental Controls are enabled, the child will not be able to make purchases in the app without entering the Amazon password. 

The Amazon Kids Tablet 

For parents whose kids love watching Amazon Prime but are too young for much of the content, another option is to get them the Fire Kids Tablet from Amazon. This device is intended to be used by kids. It includes a version of Prime Video that is geared for kids, only including family-friendly content. The user will still need a Prime Video or Amazon prime membership. 

Safely Use Amazon Prime Video 

Prime Video is a great video streaming option for those who already have an Amazon Prime membership. There is already a lot of free content on there for them to choose from. There is also much video content on Prime Video that can be bought or rented, the same as it would be on iTunes, but sometimes at better prices. 

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