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How To Set Up Among Us Parental Controls

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What Is Among Us?

Among Us is a deduction and survival video game developed by InnerSloth LLC. The game has a 3.4+ store with over 350 million downloads worldwide. It’s an online multiplayer game for kids and adults alike. It was originally rated for 16+ users due to Strong Violence. But since it rapidly became a popular game, Among Us was updated with kid-friendly features and parental controls. The game is now safe for kids 9 years old and up; with proper supervision, it could be suitable for users as young as 7. While it’s an online multiplayer game, there’s an option to play with people you personally know through the private invite code feature.

Among Us was inspired by the party game Mafia and the science fiction horror film The Thing. It’s a space-themed game where a user can play with 3-9 other concurrent players. Each ship has Crewmates and Impostors with various available tasks around the map. The Crewmates win by eliminating all Impostors via plurality vote or by completing tasks. On the other hand, Impostors win by killing Crewmates until their number is equal to theirs or by performing unresolved critical sabotage. 

Among Us Parental Controls

Among Us has kid-friendly graphics – everything seems cute and innocent. Even when you come across a dead body of a crewmate, playing won’t be as traumatizing for kids compared to other games with life-like graphics. It also supports voice and text chat to enhance the gaming experience. Like many good games that involve connecting with strangers, the game does have its downsides.

Here are some parental controls to set up to help keep your child safe while playing Among Us.

Chat Sensor

Among Us allows users to sensor chats. Once activated, asterisks will block out profanities in the game chat. Setting up this feature will help distance your kids from the negative impacts of constant exposure to bad and violent language.

Age Verification

There is an age verification feature that prompts users to enter their age each time they open the game on a smartphone or Nintendo Switch. Users under 18 will have to use the game’s pre-populated chat phrases during Emergency Meetings. Those under 18 can send an email to a parent from the game asking permission to free chat and change their username. Kids could of course lie about their birth date, monitoring them whenever they open or play the game is best.

Gaming Options

Among Us has three gaming options: hosting device for other local players, playing online with virtually anyone, and using a private invite code. Encourage your kids to opt for the third option which would have them playing with friends instead of online strangers.

Report Players

To kick a player, you can call for an emergency meeting using the emergency button. Everyone will be teleported either to the cafeteria or the office once the voting event starts. Everyone could then report, talk, chat and vote to kick cheaters. A session host can also initiate to kick or ban a player, particularly cheaters, from the game via the lobby. As the host, you can click on the chat button on the right, select the boot icon then choose kick or ban.

One of the most anticipated features on the most recent update is the Report feature which will allow you to report cheaters and other toxic players. Human moderators will read the reports and subsequently impose appropriate sanctions like a temporary or permanent ban.

Keeping Kids Safe On Among Us

Among Us is an exciting and adventurous game that even young people are hooked on. Aside from the cartoonish space-themed interface, Among Us has incorporated certain safety measures like the ability to censor profanity words on its chat function and play in private game rooms only. Like other gaming platforms, however, Among Us still has certain security loopholes and software vulnerabilities, making it susceptible to cyber threats. Also, being a fun game, it could be addictive if no conscious limitations and regulations are applied. This is why it’s vital to take additional precautionary measures and enable parental controls.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Among Us Parental Controls & Safety

What is Among Us?

Among Us is a space-themed deduction and survival game. It’s a social game that can be played online by 4-10 users who’ll be taking on one of two roles, Crewmate or Impostor. It was originally rated PEGI 16 upon release but due to its popularity, kid-friendly features were added and later reclassified as PEGI 7. Its age rating may vary on some platforms ranging from 9 to 14.

Is Among Us a safe app?

Among Us was designed with a cartoonish space-themed setting, making it generally suitable for children aged 9 and up. There’s an option to play in private game rooms, allowing gameplay with only those the user knows. Some graphics and content, however, may still be too violent for younger kids. Also, the public games allow users to play and interact with total strangers, making them susceptible to bullying, exploitation, and hacking.

Is Among Us good for the brain?

Being a deduction and survival game, Among Us can be good for the brain. The game requires good judgment, quick thinking, strategic planning, and practical skills. Also, it promotes teamwork and enhances memory.

Is the game Among Us kid-friendly?

From 16+ age rating for Strong Violence back in 2018, Among Us has been updated and is suitable for 9+ age rating for Fantasy Violence and Mild Blood. Though generally a kid-friendly gaming platform, we still recommend proper supervision and a parental control app as there are vulnerabilities and dangers.

Are there parental controls on Among Us?

Yes, Among Us has been enhanced to be suitable for younger children. Aside from the interface, they’ve added safety and parental controls like chat censors and private invite codes.