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How To Set Up Apple TV+ Parental Controls

apple tv+ parental controls

What Is Apple TV+? 

Apple TV+ is a subscription streaming service from Apple. Many Apple products like the iPhone and iPad actually come with a yearlong subscription to the service. The platform offers a variety of TV shows and movies for all ages. Some of the most popular shows on Apple TV+ include Little America, For All Mankind, Defending Jacob, and The Morning Show.

Apple TV+ is not as popular as some of the other video streaming services like Netflix or Hulu. But Apple has a lot of money to throw at it, so it does provide good-quality original content. 

The Apple TV+ app is accessible on most devices including the iPhone, iPad, iPhone Touch, Mac, Apple TV 4K and HD, Smart TVs, Roku devices, Amazon Fire TV devices, and Windows PC devices. Users can also visit tv.apple.com on their web browser. 

Apple TV+ Parental Controls 

Apple TV+ has some built-in parental controls and restrictions that parents can use to make sure that their kids are safe when they are using the service. There’s a lot of content available within iTunes and Apple TV+, so parents want to make sure that their kids are not accessing inappropriate or adult content on the account. 

Account Restrictions PIN

To turn on restrictions on the Apple TV+, the first step is setting up a pin. Go to Settings o the homepage. Go to General and then select Restrictions. Here, enter the 4-digit passcode that will be used to control and manage the content restrictions for your Apple TV+ account. Do not share the pin with kids who will be using the account as they could use it to make purchases and rental of adult content. 

Managing Restrictions on Apple TV+ 

Once restrictions are turned on for the account, there are different customizable settings for the user to choose from. Scroll through restrictions to see Allow, Restrict, Block/No, Show/Yes, or Hide. Use these options to restrict, allow, or hide certain features from the account or to require a passcode in order to purchase content. 

Restricting Content 

Apple TV+ has a lot of options for parents to customize the restrictions that are in place for the account. They can restrict content on the iTunes Store, Music and Podcasts, Siri, and other iOS features can be restricted. 

The iTunes Store restrictions are some of the most important. Parents can restrict what movies or shows a child is able to buy or rent. Third-party apps that are viewed through Apple TV+ will have their own restrictions that can be set within their own apps and accounts. 

Apple TV+ and Kids 

Apple TV+ is a great alternative to traditional TV subscriptions. It’s a great way to watch movies or shows that have been purchased on iTunes or original content on the platform exclusively. Apple makes parental controls and restrictions available to parents who have kids who are using the device or app. 

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