Are Your Employees Slacking Off? Find Out!

employees slacking off
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Are Your Employees Slacking Off? Find Out!

In an ideal world, employees work at full capacity to add maximum value to the organization. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world, and employees do slack.

As a matter of fact, a report shows that employers are less productive than they previously were. One of the major factors contributing to a reduced level of productivity is slacking during work hours.

Slacking does not only hamper one worker’s productivity; it potentially discourages other employees from work too. Therefore, it’s crucial to timely address this issue.

Here are some of the simple, yet very effective ways to find out if your employees are slacking.

Maintain A Physical Presence

If you’re shut off from your staff, working solo in your room, you’re not aware of your team’s work dynamics. Interact with them. Walk around the floor.

The body language of employees can potentially allow managers to determine whether they were slacking or not. For instance, if employees are suddenly pretending to appear busy or trying to hide something by switching tabs, it’s likely that they were not focusing on work.

Communicate with your employees

Actively communicating, particularly to those who work remotely can help you to learn about the level of their productivity.

If they promptly respond to your messages and keep up a correspondence, it’s a sign that they’re paying attention to their work. Conversely, late replies and lack of correspondence may suggest they’re not focused and perhaps busy in non-work-related activities.

Use an activity tracking software

Under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, you, as an employer, are allowed to monitor your employees’ activities for various reasons, including assessment of workplace productivity.

There’s an abundance of activity tracking software in the market, which allow employers to actively track their employees’ activities at any given time.

This will discourage employees who are slacking and help highlight high-performing employees, so that they may be awarded accordingly.

Gauge their performance

The performance of an employee can be a good indicator of their work ethic. Greater attention, focus, and commitment will translate into good performance.

Though it may not provide a precise indication of the daily productivity of each employee, it will help you learn about the level of commitment to their job.

Devise an anonymous tip-off scheme

This is fairly simple. You just need to create a program that allows employees to report colleagues who are slacking while ensuring their anonymity.  

However, you need to carefully inspect each case as people may report someone because of personality conflicts or grudge.

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