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How To Set Up AT&T Parental Controls

AT&T parental controls

What Is AT&T? 

AT&T is a telecommunications company that offers cellular and internet services. Some of its most popular services include television services through AT&T U-Verse, and home internet services including Wi-Fi. 

Many parents have signed up for the AT&T family plan, which enables them to save money by putting their entire family on cellular phones powered by AT&T. With so many kids using AT&T as their cellular provider, it’s important for the company to offer parental tools that they can use to help keep their kids safe while they are sending text messages and using social media. 

AT&T Parental Controls 

AT&T has parental control settings that parents can use to restrict certain features on their child’s smartphones. When family members are using smartphones and tablets, they have access to a lot of features that could expose them to online predators. 

The company has an app called AT&T Secure Family that is available in the App Store or in the Google Play Store. Download the app from the appropriate app store and login to the account to begin setting up the app. It can be run on devices running Android 5.0 or above or iOS 10 or above. 

Restricting Cellular Data 

Using this app, cellular data use can be blocked on an AT&T device. To restrict it, go to Setting → My Family Select the child’s device from the list, and temporarily or permanently block the cellular data on the device, or choose to not block cellular data. 

Location Tracking

Another feature in the Secure Family app is the ability to track the location of the phone. To begin tracking the location of a certain phone, open the Secure Family app, select the device of the family member to monitor, and click the map. Then, click refresh for the map to update.  

Parents can track the location of their child in real-time, but they can also set alerts so that they will receive notifications when the child leaves or departs a certain place. Open the app and select the family member Go to Location Alerts → Tap Arrival/Departure Alerts add aler Enter the location.

Block Third-Party Messaging Apps

The AT&T Secure Family app allows parents to block third-party messaging services like WhatsApp or GroupMe. It can also block the Android and iOS messaging apps like FaceTime, iMessage, and others. 

Set Time Limits

Using Secure Family, parents can set time limits for internet access so they are distraction-free. For example, during school or while they are sleeping. To enable this, navigate to their Secure Family profile → Tap on Time Limits → Select Add a time limit → Choose the days of the week and the start and end time  → Click Save. Repeat these steps for each time limit you create. 

Content Filtering

With the content filtering feature in the Secure Family app, parents can set a protection level based on their child’s age. To do this go to the app and select Content Filters. Then, tap on Next and select the protection level based on your child’s age. The level are No Filters, Low (17+), Medium (Ages 12-16), and High (Under 11). Next, you’ll receive a prompt asking block apps, content, and sites that contain drugs, sex, violence, and more; Select Customize or Block

Under Content Filters, you can also set filters in the categories of Social Media, Objectionable, Messaging, Games, Downloads, Videos, Malware, and more. 

Restrict Web & App Activity

On the Secure Family dashboard, you can view the apps your child is using and websites they’re visiting. The platform contains activity that occurred within the past 7 days. Using the Content Filters setting, you can restrict the apps your child uses. Otherwise, if they are visiting sites, you can manually block websites and add sites that you trust. 

How To Block Websites On AT&T Secure Family 

  • Open the Secure Family app and tap on Content Filters.
  • Scroll down and click on Add a website
  • Select Blocked.
  • Add the website URL that you want to be blocked and tap on Block

How To Add Trusted Sites On AT&T Secure Family

  • Open the Secure Family app and tap on Content Filters.
  • Scroll down and tap on Add a website. 
  • Select Trusted
  • Add the website URLs that you trust and click Trust

AT&T Purchase Blocker

This is one of the only tools that is not part of the Secure Family app. Using Purchase Blocker, you can prevent users on your account from purchasing games, apps, and other cell phone purchases that could be charged to your account. However, it does not block in-app purchases. 

To use this feature, sign into your myAT&T account. Tap on My wireless and scroll down to the device you want this feature enabled on. Click on Manage my device & features and follow the prompts to enable Purchase Blocker. 

Keeping Kids Safe With AT&T

AT&T offers tools for parents to be able to keep their kids safe as they use their mobile devices. A child’s device should be used for communication with parents and friends, but it can be a gateway to danger if it is used incorrectly. Use the features provided by AT&T to help keep your family safe.

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