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Drafting A Company Policy Oversee Employee Monitoring and Workplace Security

The Data Protection Act may allow organizations and companies to collect and use information from their employees, but they may not do so excessively, thereby needing employee monitoring policy samples to properly…

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Staying In Touch With Loved Ones during an Emergency

We’re all used to constantly staying in touch with our loved ones, thanks to our smartphones and the internet. It helps us stay connected and make sure that they’re safe…

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Your Smartphone Needs Smart Security: And here is why

The modern world is digitally connected to extents we never thought were possible. Nearly everyone today owns a smartphone, and it’s through these little handheld computers that we control and…

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Fun Jobs in the Digital World

Now that the information age is upon us and millennials are becoming adults, many people have begun making money on the side by working freelance or making money working through…

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mobile phone spyware

Dangers of Smartphones on Children That A Mobile Phone Monitoring App Can Prevent

Smartphones are highly advanced types of mobile devices that are capable of so many things, which is also the reason why finding the best cell phones on the market can…

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Cell phone app to ensure business theft doesn't occur.

Who Can You Really Trust?

In today’s society, who can you really trust? Do you strongly believe your employees are being completely honest with you, especially when they are on their own for majority of…

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Top Features that Make Highster Mobile the Best Cell Phone Monitoring Software

A good mobile tracking program is a reliable tool for monitoring the cell phone activities of your children and your employees. And when it comes to choosing the best mobile…

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