Author: Angelina Hall

Angelina is a work from home mom who wants to share her words of wisdom, thoughts, and knowledge to other parents.
For Parents

How To Use Google Chrome Parental Controls To Protect Your Child Online

There is a wealth of information and tools online that can help your child succeed in life, however there are also dangers and adult content online that exist as well. So how is a parent supposed to monitor their children’s internet behavior. Google Chrome is one of the world’s most popular web browsers. Linked with […]

Relationship Advice

How To Block Texts From Someone Who’s Harassing You

You may have an ex who won’t stop texting you or someone may be harassing your child through text messages. And of course, you want to them to stop permanently. First, you will want to monitor and extract all of your texts with Highster Mobile’s data extraction and recovery backup. Then, you will want to […]

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