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How To Block Texts From Someone Who’s Harassing You

You may have an ex who won’t stop texting you or someone may be harassing your child through text messages. And of course, you want to them to stop permanently….

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Teens Watching Porn, Should You Worry?

The internet is full of all sorts of content, both educative and harmful. If your teen has their personal laptop or mobile phone that they use without your supervision, there’s…

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Gossipmongers at Work: How To Catch Them

Profitable companies have a dedicated workforce, expertise in operations, a competitive advantage in their industry, and of course, a healthy workplace culture. When an employee wakes up early in the…

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Benefitting From Monitoring Apps At Home and At Work

Whether it’s at home or at the workplace, using a monitoring app will always be helpful. It has many advantages that can aid our personal and professional lives, and help in…

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Thinking about Using a Monitoring App? You’re Thinking Right!

When it comes to monitoring apps, they are used for many personal and commercial purposes, and have aided many businesses. A monitoring software is a unique program designed for computers and…

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How LEAs Use Monitoring Apps to Fight Crime

You’ll be surprised to find out that you’re in the same boat as many law enforcement agencies, throughout the world, when it comes to using apps.

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How GPS Tracking Apps Can Help The Disabled

So far it seems that the only people using cell phone monitoring apps are concerned parents with the  intention to keep an eye on their children

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Do Adults Need Tracking Apps Too?

We know that parents across the world are using tracking apps for their children’s safety purposes. They use these apps to locate their children, to keep a tab on their…

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How Can Parents Know What Their Kids are up to on Phones?

Your child could be taking a selfie with the phone you handed them. They could be texting a friend, discussing homework. They could be playing the hardest level Candy Crush…

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