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A Parents’ Guide to Gaming Parental Controls and Safety

Kids nowadays are into video games especially those that can be played with their friends virtually. Though some opt for gaming consoles or offline gaming, more and more kids are…

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cheating apps

Cheating Apps To Look For On His Phone

Are you growing suspicious that your partner is cheating? Are there changes in his behavior? Does he keep his phone locked? It may be driving you crazy and making you…

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tablet parental controls highster mobile

A Parents’ Guide To Tablet Parental Controls & Safety

In this digital age, kids and gadgets seem to be inseparable. After all, we can’t deny technology has greatly contributed to human evolution. Even to kids, iOS or Android devices…

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web browser parental controls

A Parents’ Guide To Web Browser Parental Controls & Safety

Today, children rely on the internet to do all kinds of things: Watch videos, use social media, and complete schoolwork. Even though the internet is a fantastic tool and resource,…

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can snapchat be monitored by parents

Can Snapchat Be Monitored By Parents?

The social media era all began with the creation of Six Degrees back in 1996. Since then, social media platforms have evolved, changing with the times. Friendster, LinkedIn, Myspace, Facebook,…

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teen sexting

How To Deal With Your Teen Sexting

Getting and using a cell phone is a right of passage for today’s teens. It’s their first taste of freedom. They can explore the digital world and communicate with their…

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social media safety tips

Social Media Safety Tips For Kids To Learn

With social media growing and technology being a part of our everyday lives, parents are looking for ways for their kids to stay safe on social media. Do they have…

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is snapchat safe

Is Snapchat Safe For Kids To Be On?

Snapchat is the latest social media app that has people of all ages using the unique social photo and video sharing app. The app was created to send photos and…

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is tiktok safe

Is TikTok Safe For Kids To Use?

TikTok is the latest social media app that kids everywhere are using. Maybe you remember the previously known app Musical.ly? In 2018, TikTok acquired Musical.ly, and launched the app into…

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