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For Employers

How To Tell If Someone Is Monitoring Your Computer and Phone At Work

You go to work, do your daily tasks, collaborate and talk with your co-workers, go home, and repeat. You stick to your normal work routine with no problems, and work to the best of your ability. The thought of your employer monitoring your work device doesn’t concern you as you are the ideal employee. However, […]


Is This The Latest Business Hack?

Here’s a strange turn of events. Cryptocurrency company Komodo platform decided to get the jump on potential hackers by hacking themselves when they discovered a backdoor on their program. They removed the funds from the backdoor themselves before anyone else had a chance to exploit it. The users’ funds were eventually returned after Komodo worked […]

Cell Phone Spy

How To Catch Someone Spying On You

Our phones give us instantaneous access to limitless information. But sometimes that means others will have access to you. Your phone is the perfect access point for anyone looking to steal your information, or worse, spy on you. Smartphones have greatly changed the way live. They’ve also made us easy targets by consolidating so much […]

Cell Phone Spy

Is There An App To Track A Phone Without Them Knowing?

If you ever wanted to track someone before, you’d have to plant some kind of small transponder on them. Then, follow close behind with bulky spy equipment while you drown in a mess of antennas and wires. Now, if you wanted to track someone, you’d only need to access their mobile device. They’re likely to […]

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