Author: Ned Smith

Ned is a tech nerd who is into knowing the latest technologies and trends, which he wants to share with the world.
Cell Phone Monitoring

Problems Monitoring Apps Could’ve Helped Prevent in the Past

Despite people’s concerns about tracking software, phone tracking is an industry that continues to grow. And no business grows if customers aren’t aplenty, which is exactly the case with the phone tracking industry. People are increasingly interested and invested in tracking apps given their grave concerns for their loved ones, especially children. The efficiency with […]

For Employers

The Legal Limits of Workplace Privacy

A survey conducted by the American Management Association found that nearly 43% of companies and businesses monitor their employees’ emails. Why has monitoring and controlling workplace privacy become so important, and what are the legal ways companies can go about this? Calls & Emails One of the biggest challenges companies face is when their employees slack […]

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