The Basics of Internet Safety Every Parent Should Know

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The Basics of Internet Safety Every Parent Should Know

The advent of internet revolutionized multiple aspects of our lives and it continues to facilitate millions of people across the globe. Your children probably use it every day an educational tool or as a means of entertainment.

According to studies by the National Center for Education Statistics, an estimated 71% of children aged between 3 to 18 years used internet in 2015. However, the plethora of inappropriate content available online makes internet a dangerous place for minors. To reduce the risks that come with open access to internet, parents need to take certain internet safety precautions.


Experts have broken down the fundamentals of internet safety into 3 Cs, to help parents understand them in a better way. Here are the primary internet safety Cs you should know as a parent, to protect your child from online vulnerabilities.

1. Contact:

While internet can be a positive platform where people of all ages have the chance to meet others with mutual interests, sexual predators and child abusers can misuse it to manipulate minors. For instance, an adult posing as your child’s friend on a social networking site could persuade them into meeting him/her in person.

Online predators can also abuse personal information disclosed by your children about their daily lives. To ensure maximum safety, talk to your children about the risks associated with meeting online friends and encourage them to avoid unnecessary disclosure of personal information on the internet.

2. Content:

From pornographic imagery to violent videos, the internet is full of inappropriate visuals, audios and texts. According to research, exposure to explicit content at a young age can have a profound negative impact on your children, as it leads to the development of unhealthy notions regarding sex and relationships.

Frequent consumption of such content may also lead to perpetration of violence and assault. Discuss these long term effects of inappropriate content with your children and supervise their activities on the internet using a mobile tracking device.

3. Conduct:

You child’s own behavior can also put their internet safety at risk. Children are often unaware of the impact their digital activities can have on themselves and other people. Cyber bullying is a prime example of internet misconduct, often perpetrated by children against others their age.


Studies by the Cyberbullying Research Center suggest that as estimated 28% of students in America have experienced cyberbullying at some point, with over 16% also admitting that they have cyberbullied others at least once. You can take measures to protect your child and others from offensive behavior by monitoring their conduct on online platforms through a cell phone tracking software.

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