What’s The Best Mobile Phone Tracker App For Android?

mobile phone tracker app for android
Cell Phone Monitoring

What’s The Best Mobile Phone Tracker App For Android?

So, you’re interested in tracking an Android phone. With so many cell phone tracker apps on the market today, how do you know which is the best one for you? Well, Highster Mobile is the leading mobile phone tracker app for Android. Below, we discuss all about what our Android GPS location tracking app can do for you!   

All About The Highster Mobile Android App

What It Can Track On Android

There are numerous Android mobile phone activities Highster Mobile can track, not just the phone’s real-time location.

  • Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media platforms
  • All text messages sent and received, including media content like videos, GIFS, and images.
  • Sent and received emails, personal and business.
  • Chrome and other Android web browser activities including Google searches.
  • View all media stored on the Android phone including photos, videos, etc.
  • See all upcoming Calendar events.
  • Record all cell phone keystrokes with the Keylogger feature. Great for keeping track of account login information.
  • View all private messages on Messenger, WhatsApp, Kik, Skype, etc.

These are just some of the most notable features of the Highster Mobile Android Tracking Software.

Android Compatibility

It’s essential that our application works with the Android device you’re looking to track. An example of an Android phone you can track is the Samsung Galaxy 10 series.

  • Android Phone Manufacturers: Samsung, HTC, Google Pixel, Motorola, LG, and most others.
  • Android OS: Android 3 Honeycomb – Android 10


Installing the Highster Mobile Android Tracker App is very simple and can be done by even not the most tech-savvy person.

– Step 1: Get The Highster Mobile Android App

– Step 2: Install The App

Next, you have to install our app on the target phone. You will need physical access to the phone for less than a minute. Text the link we provide you to the target device and click on it, or follow the link if using it on your own smartphone. Enter your product license key and password (provided by us via email). Tap a few on-screen prompts until you receive an installation confirmation pop-up.

– Step 3: Log Into Your Account

After the installation process, you need to log into your Highster Mobile to make sure that the target Android phone’s data is being recovered and tracked correctly. You will be able to access your account on your cell phone, computer, or tablet, no matter if it’s Android or Apple. Once the information is uploaded, you will see all of it on your user dashboard

Don’t Trust Our Word? Here’s What Some Customers Had To Say!

Marilyn, 45, Mother of 2:

“As my children have grown up, I’ve noticed them become overly attached to their smartphones. Every other day I hear of kids getting addicted to their cell phones and it causing health problems. I wanted to help my children overcome and avoid this, and that’s when I found Highster Mobile. It enabled me to monitor their Android smartphones for social media, apps, and web browsing activity. By knowing this, I used it as a tool to help restrict the apps they were overusing.”

Rodger, 50, Business Owner:

“Most of my customer service employees work from home. With that, I provided them with work-only Samsung phones to talk with customers on. To protect my business, I used Highster Mobile for Android so I could track their cell phone activities including call logs, emails, texts, GPS location, and social media. This product helped me see which employees did their job, and which were slacking off and needed improvement.”

Hopefully, you are now convinced that Highster Mobile is the best cell phone tracker app and is a tool you need. Whether you are a parent or business owner, you can track someone’s Android smartphone with ease using Highster Mobile. 

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