How Can Parents Know What Their Kids are up to on Phones?

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How Can Parents Know What Their Kids are up to on Phones?


Your child could be taking a selfie with the phone you handed them. They could be texting a friend, discussing homework. They could be playing the hardest level Candy Crush has to offer. Or they could be talking to a complete stranger on social media, getting goaded into meeting this stranger in a secluded area.

Concerned? You should be.

The Smart Phone as a Smart Weapon

Doubtless you find the smart phone a greatly useful device—after all it keeps you well-connected, it helps you socialize, and it allows you to take a duck-faced selfie every time you feel like taking one. If you’re hungry, you order food using an app. If you have an appointment to make, you hail a cab using an app. If you have to book a ticket or a hotel room, you use an app. Smart phones make life so much easier, and you know this.

But you’re not the only ones who’ve realized how the smart phone has made outdated procedures easier. Predators, kidnappers, and pedophiles know this too,

They know that they can easily contact a child on their phones without the parent knowing. They know that they can goad the child into meeting them. They can coerce the child into sharing harmful media and blackmail the child. There’s so much that they can do and so easily—which is exactly why you need to tighten your grip on your child’s online footprints.

Cyber Bullying

Out of all the children who use social media, 90% witness incidents of bullying, whereas 75% of them have been bullied. This happens on social media platforms and chat rooms where a child can be bullied for their looks, color, etc. It also happens in online games which enable players to “talk” among themselves.

Online Predators

The cyber world is teeming with predators waiting to pounce on unsuspecting victims. Many of these incidents are sexual in nature, aimed at exploiting unripe minds. In the worst case scenarios the child is lured out into meeting a potentially dangerous person. The predators know that social media and especially gaming rooms are frequented by children. They too hang around these virtual arenas, often hiding behind fake IDs.

Unless and until you’re keeping an eye on your child and tracking where they are at all times, your child, too, is at risk.

Sharing Personal Information

Children are the most vulnerable members of any society and predators know this. Often people who harbor unfriendly feelings towards you and wish to harm you do so through your children. They reach out to your children on their phones and begin fishing for personal, private information. This information ranges from your address to your timings for work, etc. For instance simply by telling others that their father is a night watchman, your child is announcing to the world that you’re absent from your house all night. This is the kind of information which when falls into the hands of the wrong person can cause serious damage.

Thievery and Scams


In what is a recent worldwide bank hacking spree, hackers are using smartphone in an ingenious new method. And it’s even better than phishing (you know those emails which tell you to click on this link so that you can access the 10 hundred thousand dollars you won for eating at Mc Donalds).

It works like this: someone calls you pretending to be a bank official or a person of governmental authority. They ask you for your personal information such as your bank details—and they don’t even need much. All they need is your name, your bank account number, a few more snippets and voila—you’re game!

Now if you as an adult were to receive such a call, you’d know instantly that something was off. But if your child were to receive this call, would they call bollocks? Or would they willingly go along with the caller?

Guard Yourself against Online Ills and Evils

Keeping yourself and your children well-protected is key. Since in today’s world data is money, you need to monitor what your child is doing on their phones—especially since most of your data is stored on your phone. Highster Mobile’s sophisticated monitoring app lets you monitor phones easily and stealthily. Call us at 1(866) 611-9506 for more.

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