5 Stealthy Ways To Catch Your Lover Cheating

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5 Stealthy Ways To Catch Your Lover Cheating

The problem with cheaters is that for a while you are completely unaware you are being cheated on. Some people sit in the dark for years or even decades while their cheating partners carries out their infidelities undetected. In fact most of the time people catch a lover cheating on them by total accident.

The more careful the cheater the harder they are to catch. So what are you supposed to do when you suspect your partner is cheating on you? First you should know the signs of cheating.

Signs of Cheating

  • They have a sudden improved appearance.  Going to the gym a lot, showering constantly, dressing nicer than usual.  These are all signs that something is up. Especially if they come home from a “late night at work” and go directly into the shower.
  • Being clingy towards their phone and/or computer. What are they hiding on their phone that can’t be shared with you?
  • Periods of time where they are completely unreachable.
  • Change in sex life. There is significantly more or less sex going on in your relationship. Your partner seems either completely disinterested or overly interested as if they are overcompensating for something.
  • Suddenly you are always the bad guy. Cheaters will try to rationalize their behavior by finding flaws in their relationship. If one day nothing bothers your partner, now they fly off the handle for seemingly small things, something may be up.
  • Unexplained expenses. The books just don’t add up, hundreds of dollars suddenly go unaccounted for. They could be spending money on their side piece.

How To Catch A Lover Cheating

1. Go Right Up and Ask Them

While the most direct approach, it might not always be the best. It is likely that your partner will not only lie, but now knowing you are on to them will make it harder to catch. Also if they are not cheating it might offend them to know you don’t trust them.

2.  Check Bank Statements

A huge sign of cheating as explained above is unexplained expenses. If they have charges appearing on their credit card with charges such as dinner for two at a fancy restaurant or hotel.  You can be pretty sure something shady is going on. Also a suspicious thing is if your partner suddenly opens a new credit account aside from any joint accounts you may have.

3.  Call Them At Work When They are “Working Late”

Don’t call their cell, call the office or a co-worker looking for your partner to confirm whether or not they are actually where they say they are. You can also “drop in” to your partner’s office to deliver them dinner or even just say hi to make sure they are there.

4.  Hire A Private Investigator

If you have hundreds or even thousands of dollars to throw around. Hiring a private dick to get the scoop on your cheating lover may be the best bet for you. This way all you have to do is kick your feet up and let them do the rest. Unfortunately most of us do not have that kind of extra money to spend.

5.  Monitor Their Phone

A person’s cell phone is their life. If your significant other is cheating on you, there is no way there won’t be any evidence on their phone. The problem is getting your hands on it long enough to find the evidence you need.

If you are concerned that your partner may be cheating on you, it’s time you get the answers you deserve and catch a lover cheating.

Angelina Hall
Angelina is a work from home mom who wants to share her words of wisdom, thoughts, and knowledge to other parents.
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