How to Catch a Cheating Spouse

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How to Catch a Cheating Spouse

According to Psychology Today, it is the belief of over 90% Americans that infidelity is unacceptable. However, some 30 to 40% of Americans cheat on their spouses nonetheless. Scholars and researchers show that spouses who cheat are exempt from guilt and regret since they trick themselves cognitively and rationalize their affairs.

This is probably why so many would think it’s difficult to identify a cheating spouse—after all, cheating spouses hide it so well, don’t they?


Wives are better than good ol’ Sherlock Holmes when it comes to detecting something off with their husbands. They know the signs, they know the warning bells, they can see the discrepancies in behavioral patterns, they can sense the estrangement—and they know that their sixth sense that is tingling is exactly right. After all, women are perceptive creatures. And they know when you’re lying.

Husbands, too, understand their spouses and can see the sprouting of the early signs of infidelity. The men in this regard might not have been too keen on womanly habits and the female psyche before they got married, but once they tie the knot, they begin to see clearly—well, we guess that’s why love is so oft called blind.

But. . .

Without proof and evidence of any kind, you can never be too sure. Is your husband really going to see a different woman every evening or is he really hanging out with his buddies at the bowling arena like he’s been claiming to do?

Is your wife actually going to your kid’s school to flirt with the second grade class teacher or is she simply concerned for the kid’s studies?

We guess you’ll never know. . .

Or Will You?

If your spouse is cheating on you, they’re definitely going to be talking to their newfound beaus over texts or calls. But there’s more you can do. . .

And That is. . .

You can actually track their GPS location, and be privy to all their movements. Thus, if they told you they were going to the gym and ended up driving to lovers’ point, you’ll know for sure that something is cooking (unless their personal trainer is meeting them at lovers’ point, which should be equally concerning for you).

You can moreover have access to their texts and chats, and will know immediately in case they contact a different man or woman with romantic intentions. All you need is a few minutes of physical access to their phone, and you can install a spy app on their phones which will tell you all there is to know from the moment thereon.

You can check their emails, history, apps, orders, bookings, and much, much more to determine for sure if they’re cheating. Better—find out who shares their Netflix password to have a head start on knowing which person’s messages and emails you ought to be looking for.

Find the Right Spy Software

Highster Mobile’s spy and tracking app is the perfect tool to use to identify and determine whether your marriage was a mistake. You can download the app here and get the sleuthing going immediately.

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