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best iphone monitoring app

Everything You Need To Know About The Best iPhone Monitoring App

Imagine being able to see the activity of another device from own device(s). It sounds like something only a hacker could do, or a secret government agency. But no, this…

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how to record screen on android highster mobile

How To Record Screen On Android

So, you are interested in recording your own or another person’s Android phone screen. There are plenty of Google Play apps that are created for the purpose of recording Android…

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reasons to use a spy app

10 Unusual Reasons To Use A Monitoring App

Everyone has their own reasons for using monitoring apps. Easy-to-use mobile monitoring apps have increased in usage. Many people use these apps nowadays, and the numbers are only increasing. Below,…

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Benefitting From Monitoring Apps At Home and At Work

Whether it’s at home or at the workplace, using a monitoring app will always be helpful. It has many advantages that can aid our personal and professional lives, and help in…

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4 Unusual Reasons to Use a Monitoring App

Getting a security system in your house to track the whereabouts of your family—sounds a bit too much? Switch to a phone monitoring app that enables you to avail all…

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spy app

Thinking about Using a Monitoring App? You’re Thinking Right!

When it comes to monitoring apps, they are used for many personal and commercial purposes, and have aided many businesses. A monitoring software is a unique program designed for computers and…

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Why Do People All Over the World Use Monitoring Apps?

Have you ever wondered why thousands of people around the world make use of monitoring apps? Whether for personal reasons or business-related ones, it has proven to be of benefit…

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How LEAs Use Monitoring Apps to Fight Crime

You’ll be surprised to find out that you’re in the same boat as many law enforcement agencies, throughout the world, when it comes to using apps.

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How GPS Tracking Apps Can Help The Disabled

So far it seems that the only people using cell phone monitoring apps are concerned parents with the  intention to keep an eye on their children

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