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Cybersecurity Training For Employees: Why It's Necessary

Cybersecurity Training For Employees: Why It’s Necessary

One of the keys to a business’s success is its employees. Employees are what keep a business going and growing. One tiny mistake by an employee could lead to a…

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What Is Digital Citizenship and Why Is It Important

What Is Digital Citizenship and Why Is It Important?

There are billions of users browsing the internet to read the latest news, post on social media, and communicate with others. However, not all people online are as tech-savvy as…

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The Pros and Cons of Remote Employee Monitoring Business Strategy

Does employee monitoring increase productivity? Why is this business strategy being implemented in an increasing number of companies today? As the world continues to advance its technology, more and more…

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Lesser Known Facts About The Importance of Employee Monitoring

When employers utilize monitoring software in their companies, employee GPS monitoring is one of the most popular features they make use of. Being able to track the whereabouts of your workers will…

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Go Mobile: Take Advantage of Employee Monitoring Technology Trends

The corporate world has been abuzz with hot topics like employee engagement and employee monitoring benefits lately. In the past year, more and more business owners took this trend even further by…

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What is Remote Employee Monitoring and How Can It Help Companies?

The best software for employee monitoring, Highster Mobile, has been earning praise not only from employers but also from their workers. Using such a strategy in the workplace is most popularly…

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What Are Employee Monitoring Tools And How Can They Benefit Employers?

Tracking workers’ activities in the workplace can be done through different methods, one of which is by using an employee monitoring mobile app. This is one of the most popular monitoring…

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Drafting A Company Policy Oversee Employee Monitoring and Workplace Security

The Data Protection Act may allow organizations and companies to collect and use information from their employees, but they may not do so excessively, thereby needing employee monitoring policy samples to properly…

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Which is Better: Mobile Device Monitoring for Employees or Security Cameras?

Different employee monitoring tools exist, which includes the phone monitoring app for employees and security cameras. These are two of the most popular tools in the business industry today. However, with the…

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