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How To Tell If Someone Is Monitoring Your Computer and Phone At Work

You go to work, do your daily tasks, collaborate and talk with your co-workers, go home, and repeat. You stick to your normal work routine with no problems, and work…

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Gossipmongers at Work: How To Catch Them

Profitable companies have a dedicated workforce, expertise in operations, a competitive advantage in their industry, and of course, a healthy workplace culture. When an employee wakes up early in the…

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employees slacking off

Are Your Employees Slacking Off? Find Out!

In an ideal world, employees work at full capacity to add maximum value to the organization. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world, and employees do slack.

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workplace monitoring

The Ultimate Employer’s Guide to Workplace Monitoring

Workplace monitoring can be seen as an essential part of running a business efficiently. In the modern era, companies rely on technology to complete their daily tasks effectively. Workplace monitoring allows an…

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As An Employer, What Can You Monitor?

As an employer, you have to take several measures to ensure that your workplace remains protected.

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Using Tracking Apps for Added Scrutiny at Work

In the olden days employers had hard work to do if they wished to monitor their workers. Usually this involved them leaving their own work and going round the workplace,…

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The Legal Limits of Workplace Privacy

A survey conducted by the American Management Association found that nearly 43% of companies and businesses monitor their employees’ emails. Why has monitoring and controlling workplace privacy become so important, and…

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How to Introduce Your Employees To A Monitoring System

While employee monitoring offers multiple benefits to organizations, it also comes with a fair set of risks. Employees are often wary of workplace monitoring due to the notion of compromised…

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5 Ways Employees Can Benefit from GPS Tracking

While GPS tracking has multiple benefits for employers, employees are often wary of the whole system, as location tracking can be perceived as an invasion of employee privacy. However, you…

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