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dangers of the internet for children and teens

8 Dangers of The Internet for Children & Teenagers

The world wide web or the internet seems like a galaxy of various pages, platforms, and content. No one knows for sure the depth of this virtual universe and how…

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porn blocker

The Best Free Apps To Block Explicit Content Online

The internet is home to a wealth of knowledge and various types of content. Technology has made it as easy as opening a web browser or entering keywords on search…

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how long should a kid play video games

How Long Should Kids Be Playing Video Games For?

The debate on “how long should a kid play video games?” might not be as one-sided as it was. When video games started becoming popular, they were considered detrimental to…

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facebook messenger kids

Facebook Messenger Kids: Everything You Need To Know

There are several means to access the internet and virtually communicate with others across the globe. Unfortunately, not all social media platforms or instant messaging apps are programmed with maximum…

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spilling the tea cyberbullying

‘Spilling the Tea’: A Cyberbullying Tactic

Spilling the tea is not something new. Akin to ‘spill the beans’ or ‘spill your guts’, spilling tea refers to the act of sharing juicy stories, be them true or…

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types of cyberbullying highster mobile

10 Types of Cyberbullying Faced Today

While the internet has been essential in our daily lives, this connectivity and ease of access also bring many dangers that lurk around every corner of the web. This included…

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The Dangers of Online Gaming For Kids

As a parent, there are dangers of online gaming that you should know about. What may seem like an innocent way to get your kids to have fun and pass…

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The Dangers of Snapchat For Kids In 2022

Every parent should be aware of the dangers of Snapchat, especially the ones who have a tween or teenager. This is because there are some dangers to utilizing this popular…

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Dating Apps For Teens: Should They Be On Them?

Up until now, there are unsettled discussions and contradicting opinions about teen dating. While some parents are open to the idea of their kids dating, some would strongly disagree on…

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