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spilling the tea cyberbullying

‘Spilling the Tea’: A Cyberbullying Tactic

Spilling the tea is not something new. Akin to ‘spill the beans’ or ‘spill your guts’, spilling tea refers to the act of sharing juicy stories, be them true or…

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types of cyberbullying highster mobile

10 Types of Cyberbullying Faced Today

While the internet has been essential in our daily lives, this connectivity and ease of access also bring many dangers that lurk around every corner of the web. This included…

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The Dangers of Online Gaming For Kids

As a parent, there are dangers of online gaming that you should know about. What may seem like an innocent way to get your kids to have fun and pass…

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The Dangers of Snapchat For Kids In 2022

Every parent should be aware of the dangers of Snapchat, especially the ones who have a tween or teenager. This is because there are some dangers to utilizing this popular…

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Dating Apps For Teens: Should They Be On Them?

Up until now, there are unsettled discussions and contradicting opinions about teen dating. While some parents are open to the idea of their kids dating, some would strongly disagree on…

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A Parents’ Guide To Cell Phone Parental Controls & Safety

Cellular phones nowadays are getting thinner and lighter, yet the features and programs being loaded are becoming more advanced and streamlined. Imagine, from such a small device, you’re able to…

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A Parents’ Guide To Video Streaming Services

Most of the time that kids spend online it’s done so playing online video games, browsing through their social media accounts, and watching shows on online streaming sites. Kids are…

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A Parents’ Guide to Gaming Parental Controls and Safety

Kids nowadays are into video games especially those that can be played with their friends virtually. Though some opt for gaming consoles or offline gaming, more and more kids are…

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A Parent’s Guide To Social Media Parental Controls & Safety

What Is Social Media? Social media are websites and/or apps where people can connect with businesses, strangers, friends, and family, and post online content. Popular social networking sites used today…

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