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Relationship Advice and Insight Regarding Dating, Cheating, and Marriage.

Relationship Advice

Craziest Things People Found Out While Hacking Into Their Partner’s Phone

When you think of hacking, you think of someone sitting in a basement office with multiple computer screens typing in code at lighting speed.  But with modern day technology, the average joe can be a hacker and no coding skills are required. If you’re considering spying on a partner who you believe is being unfaithful […]

Relationship Advice

How To Block Texts From Someone Who’s Harassing You

You may have an ex who won’t stop texting you or someone may be harassing your child through text messages. And of course, you want to them to stop permanently. First, you will want to monitor and extract all of your texts with Highster Mobile’s data extraction and recovery backup. Then, you will want to […]

Relationship Advice

How to Catch a Cheating Spouse

According to Psychology Today, it is the belief of over 90% Americans that infidelity is unacceptable. However, some 30 to 40% of Americans cheat on their spouses nonetheless. Scholars and researchers show that spouses who cheat are exempt from guilt and regret since they trick themselves cognitively and rationalize their affairs.

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