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Monitor Your Employees’ Company Issued Cell Phones With Monitoring Software

Cell Phone Spy Software Review - Monitor Your Employees’ Company Issued Cell Phones Without their Knowledge

There has been a heated debate on whether it is right to monitor employees. According to a CBS report, some companies are even hiring private detectives to check up on their employees! While the lawmakers are yet to come up with a solid solution to this issue, it is all right to monitor your employees. However, there are conditions. First, the company must have issued the phones, because it is a criminal offense to track someone’s personal cell phone. In addition, you should only do this if it is for business reasons. While there are many software that claim to be the best in monitoring employees, Highster Mobile is incomparable. Everything is possible with this one, and it’s a fantastic cell phone monitoring product available right now on the market.

What are some of the legal things to monitor over your employees?

Managing calls

The costs of phone calls have always caused financial qualms in many businesses. Fortunately, this is something you can manage with less effort. The software allows you to monitor all the incoming and outgoing calls. This way, you can know how your employees use the company’s cell phones. You can get loads of information from the calls including which they called their relationship with them and what they talked about. Highster Mobile app helps you to save your company money as well as guard its privacy. It is possible to record the conversation, and thus you are able to know when an employee is breaching the privacy of your business and act accordingly.

Monitoring messages

It is all right if you want to track messages on the business cell phone. Here you will be in a position to view all the sent and received messages in the phone. Text message monitoring also allows you to gain access to those deleted texts. Usually, most employees have a tendency of deleting messages, which they know would put them in jeopardy. With the cell phone monitoring software, you can get ahead of them.

Checking whether employees are at their duty locations.

Overseeing employees in the field can be stressful especially when you have workers in different locations. It might also be an internal worker, whom you regularly send to certain places. With the GPS location feature in the Highster Mobile, you can track where they are. It can save you a lot of time and money. A PC World report claims:

One of the most important capabilities that smartphones now have is knowing where they are. More than desktops, laptops, personal navigation devices or even tablets, which are harder to take with you, a smartphone can combine its location with many other pieces of data to make new services available.

Run the web history

Your employees know too well that you can check their cell phones. Hence, you will be lucky to find the URL of that nasty site that they were browsing in the morning hours, but not when you have the software for monitoring the cell phone. It has the capability of uncovering all the sites, which has opened over time.

Browse instant messages

Some employees are notorious for using company cell phones to chat on Whatsapp, Skype and the like. They do this because they know it is hard for their employer to access these messages. However, you only need the Highster Mobile app to read such messages, as long as they were sent or received with the business cell phone.

With that, you now know that you can monitor your employees without getting into legal tussles. All you have to do is to keep it professional and reproach those who need to, after you have enough evidence. Visit https://www.highstermobile.com/features.html to see all the features of this great cell phone monitoring software.