Cell Phone Tapping Software and Other Ways to Protect Your Kids from Kidnapping

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Cell Phone Tapping Software and Other Ways to Protect Your Kids from Kidnapping

As parents it’s not always easy to simply leave your kids anywhere. Even if they are in school, you cannot imagine the different ways that these kidnappers can weave their way to fool your kids’ hearts.  I’m not saying my kids or your kids are not smart, but we are talking about preying adults who are experts on kidnapping kids by different ways and methods that we could ever imagine. What we can do now on our part is be vigilant.

Here are 4 ways to help protect your kids from danger:

1.  Cell Phone Monitoring SoftwareOne way to keep track with the different people that your kids are talking, messaging, e-mailing and texting.  By using this monitoring Software, you can remotely monitor the different activities of your kid’s cell phone. What’s so great about this is that your kids would not be aware of this and that the said software includes a GPS logging device for you to know where they are.

2.  Buddy System – To teach pro activeness and awareness to your kids, always keep a close communication with them and truly show that you are his/her confidante and forever ally.  Teach your kids about buddy system wherein you teach your kid to watch out for you as you do with him/her. Tell your child that once she cannot see you tell him/her to call out.

3. The More the Merrier – Those parents who have kids old enough to go to the park with friends to places like malls, parks and playground it would be best to tell them to be with a lot of friends.  Most of the time kidnappers would take kids who are playing alone.  They don’t usually target those kids when they are with three to four buddies, especially if they are in places when there are lots of people.

4. The Classic “Never Talk to Strangers” line – We all know that kids could be very amiable as this is one of the most endearing characteristic of children.  However, this can be a huge problem if they don’t know how to differentiate a smooth-talking stranger from “safe strangers” like policemen, store clerks, security guards etc. Help them be aware that no matter who they talk to, as long as they don’t know that person, they should learn to run away in an instant and go to a trusted adult that they know. Inculcate in them vigilance that there is danger when talking and receiving gifts from strangers.  It may not be as poisonous as the apple that Snow White took but receiving anything from strangers can be equally deadly.

Summary: The first part talks about the fears that parents have when it comes to the safety of their kids. The writer then particularly points out the threat of kidnapping kids. The article also tells of the different ways they can protect their kids from using technology like the Cell phone monitoring Software to the classic “Never talk to Strangers” bit.

Profile: The author is a Corporate Lawyer of an oil company.  She is a mother to two adorable kids and wife to Michael. She is often traveling from one state to another to do transactions but when not busy with work she is self-proclaimed busy homemaker spending quality time with her kids.

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