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Cheating Apps To Look For On His Phone

cheating apps

Are you growing suspicious that your partner is cheating? Are there changes in his behavior? Does he keep his phone locked? It may be driving you crazy and making you grow increasingly paranoid. Some apps may suggest he is cheating. We’ve compiled a list of the top cheating apps. This will help you get the evidence required to call him out on his affair.  

– Private Message Box

If you have a cheating partner, a private messaging app is essential to hide the evidence. With the Private Message Box, he can secretly communicate with his side piece. The app comes with a feature that allows you to hide the app icon from your phone applications list. So, if you get a hold of their phone, this app might be missed at first glance. The app is pin enabled and 100% secure. Private Message Box keeps all conversations, photos, and videos private. The app offers in-app purchases to buy virtual numbers. This keeps texts off of your cell phone bill. 

– Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison’s tagline is “Life is Short, Have an Affair.” This is the ultimate app for cheaters. It cultivates affairs. The app prides itself on matchmaking discreet and open-minded relationships. They have a feature for Traveling Men or Traveling Woman. So, if your partner is going out of town, he can arrange to have a booty call waiting for him. This app is also used by people in relationships who want to experiment with same-sex relationships. Ashley Madison is the #1 dating site/app for cheating spouses.    

– Vaulty Stocks

The Vaulty Stocks app can be found in the Google Play Store. If he has an Android Device, they will likely utilize this app for their private text messaging. Vaulty Stocks allows users to send private photos and videos and hide the content in a secret vault. The app is password protected and requires a pin to open it. If anyone tries to open the app, the app will snap a photo of them as evidence. So, if you are trying to catch a cheating spouse and find evidence of such, beware of the security features on this app.  

– Viber

Viber is a third-party messaging app that is available on all major devices. It may appear like a harmless messaging app, but it’s the perfect application for affairs. Viber allows users to create secret chats and conversations that automatically delete after a certain length of time. Your partner will have the ability to send the racy of messages, images, and videos without leaving a trace. If you pick up your partner’s phone and search through their chats, you won’t be able to see their conversations with the other woman. It’s to enter a pin to view hidden chats.  

– Snapchat

Snapchat was originally invented to send naughty photos and have them disappear instantly. It was an alternative to sexting because messages could not be saved. If you see him snapping a lot, this could be a red flag. Snaps are set to disappear after opening unless they are screenshotted.  

– Date Mate

Date Mate is a dating app for people seeking a relationship on the down-low. It uses a location-based search engine with live private messaging. From there, users can meet and hook up with someone close by. It does not require users to sign up using a social media account or pay a fee. 

– Tinder

We all know Tinder is the dating app for hooking up. If you find this app on his phone, then he is up to no good. They simply swipe right to find someone to hook up with. If that person also swipes right, they have made a match. All communications can be done it, instead of exchanging phone numbers. 

You may never find some of these cheating apps if they’re hidden properly. If you suspect he is cheating, trust your gut and try to find other physical evidence or catch him red-handed. Once you know for sure he is cheating, you will be able to decide how to move forward, with or without him. It will give you peace of mind to the truth once and for all.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Cheating & Apps

What apps do cheaters use?

Ashley Madison, Date Mate, Tinder, Vaulty Stocks, and Snapchat are among the many apps cheaters use. Also commonly used are private messaging apps including Messenger, Viber, Kik, and WhatsApp.

Can you spy on someone’s phone without installing software?

No, it is not possible to spy on your cheating partner’s phone without installing software. Spy apps always require needing to install software on the target phone with or without physical access. 

What to do if your partner is cheating?

  • Stay calm and compose yourself. 
  • Ask yourself – Is the relationship worth saving? 
  • Have a serious conversation with your partner. Be levelheaded and do not overreact. 
  • Ask your friends, family, or a professional for help. 
  • Do not bottle up your emotions. 
  • Accept that what occurred is not your fault and was not the result of anything you did.

What are the signs my partner is cheating on me?

  • Making excuses to avoid you.
  • Cares more about their appearance. 
  • Isn’t confiding in you like they used to. 
  • Lack of physical intimacy. 
  • Constantly gets defensive about little things. 
  • They accuse you of cheating.