Choosing A Mobile GPS Tracker For Kids

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Choosing A Mobile GPS Tracker For Kids

Remember the days when you would hop on your bike with your friends and take off in no particular direction, exploring the neighborhood until it was time for dinner? Those times were fun, but they’re long gone, and not just because we have driver’s licenses now. Older millennials were the last generation to just disappear on their parents. That was long before we all carried supercomputers in our pockets. Now, if parents were inclined, they could easily track where their children are. There’s no need to plant an actual GPS tracking device on your child. They already have one programed into their cell phones! Let’s discuss choosing the right GPS tracker for kids.

What Is GPS?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. The technology was first developed for the U.S. military as a way to pinpoint someone anywhere on the globe. GPS devices engage in location tracking by finding your exact latitude and longitude via satellite communication.

Do All Smartphones Have GPS?

Yes, GPS comes standard on all iOS and Android devices, and allows you to use features like Google Maps. Whenever you let an application see your current location, you’re giving it access to the phone’s GPS feature. The smartphone sends out a signal that’s picked up by a rotating satellite, giving you your exact position on Earth.

Using a GPS Tracker For Kids

Your child doesn’t have to be that rambunctious to need tracking, online and in real life. The dangers out there are plenty. It would be great if the world was a carefree place, where we didn’t have to worry about danger. But sometimes, it pays to be realistic about the world around you. This is doubly important and true when it comes to the internet. The web’s anonymity allows for rampant dishonesty. Scammers fish for information. People are not who they say they are. Even those precious little angels you call your children will eventually lie to you.

Mobile tracking software, like Highster Mobile, allows you to remotely monitor a target device’s location and activities. Once you install the program, most of the phone’s important data, like text messages, social media, web history, and GPS location are all made visible by accessing the user dashboard. These programs are often used by concerned parents who want peace of mind when it comes to their children accessing the internet, or hanging out with friends.

Features Of Highster Mobile Tracker App:

  • Phone Calls: View incoming and outgoing calls.
  • GPS Tracking: Receive phone GPS location updates in real-time.
  • Text messages: Read all iMessages, text messages, and media messages, even deleted ones.
  • Web History: Know what websites they visited.
  • Emails: Read all incoming and outgoing emails.
  • View Contacts: Know the names and numbers programmed into the phone.
  • Photos and Videos: View all photos and videos stored on the phone.
  • Data Recovery: Never worry about losing important data. Save it right to the app.

How Highster Mobile Can Benefit Parents

You can protect your children a number of ways with monitorng software. These days, it’s not uncommon for children to have multiple devices by as young as ten. They grew up with this technology and are very good at using it. While the tech has gotten better, the dangers of the web haven’t disappeared and in some cases may be more prolific, due to the larger number of people on the internet. Here are some of the ways parents can use monitoring software:

  • Adult Content: Let’s face it. It’s not hard to find this type of content on the internet. Monitoring a child’s phone keeps them from being exposed to something they shouldn’t see.  
  • Cyberbullying: Cyberbullying is a growing problem that society is still trying to catch up with. Remote access to a device can prevent your child from becoming victimized (or victimizing others).
  • Identity Theft: Children may not understand keeping certain information private. Even posting your address or phone number could be enough for someone to steal your identity.
  • Sexting: Teenagers can be naive about sending nude photos. Once something is out there in the world, it’s nearly impossible to track down and delete.
  • Know They Are Where They Should Be: Using the GPS tracking feature, you can know where your kid is at all times. So, if your child is supposed to be at the movie theater with their friends or at the field for sports practice, you’ll know.
  • Online Predators: An internet profile could literally be anyone. Know who your children are talking to using a monitoring app.
  • Screen Addiction: More and more people are becoming hooked on their smartphones. Monitor your child before this becomes a problem out of your control.
  • Themselves: Kids will be kids. We don’t like to think about our children being dishonest. But any parent knows, kids can lie.

How To Instal A GPS Tracking App


  1. Purchase Highster Mobile.
  2. Enter unique product key.
  3. Enter the iCloud Username and Password of target phone.
  4. Go to the App Dashboard and begin tracking the iPhone.


  1. Purchase Highster Mobile.
  2. Text or email the provided “Over-The-Air” link to the target phone (simply follow the link if tracking your own phone).
  3. Click link and follow the prompts to complete installation.
  4. Visit the product dashboard on your online account to track the target phone.

After Installation:

Once the app is installed on the phone and you’ve visited the user dashboard, you can begin tracking the device. Highster Mobile’s GPS feature can give you the device’s location, accurate to within 50 ft. Location is refreshed every 10-15 minutes giving you the accurate, up to date location data. Know exactly where your child is and if they are where they say they are.

Tracker App Compatibility:

iPhone (all versions)

  • iPhone 5 to 11
  • iPads
  • iOS 7 – 13


  • Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Google Pixel, and other Android phone types.
  • Android 3 (Honeycomb) – Android 9 (Pie)

Is Using An Android or iPhone GPS Tracker Legal?

Yes! Parents can legally monitor their child’s phone without their consent, so long as their child is a minor and they are their legal guardian. Once the child turns 18, you will need their consent in order to monitor their mobile devices.

Other App Uses:

Data Backup / Recovery

Aside from the tracking ability, Highster Mobile gives you a place to store data from the target device. You won’t have to worry about losing pictures, contacts, or any important files again. Data is saved from you child’s  device directly to your user dashboard, where you’ll retain full access to them. A broken or damaged phone doesn’t have to mean the end of all your child’s media.

Lost Phone Recovery

A lost phone would be a major headache to most people. Phones are small but very expensive, which every parent can understand. Since children take their phones everywhere, they sometimes leave them places, or worse yet, someone else took it. Either way, thanks to the GPS tracking feature, you’ll easily be able to bring up the location of your child’s phone. You’ll know whether it’s in your car, at the restaurant, or hiding under a couch cushion. You’ll also have a thief’s precise location.

If an Android or iPhone GPS tracker for kids is what you’re looking for, Highster Mobile offers exactly what you need. You don’t want to learn about something later on that you could have prevented today. Taking the initiative to know where your children are, who they’re talking to, and who they’re with, will give you peace of mind and help protect your children from danger.

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