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How To Use Google Chrome Parental Controls To Protect Your Child Online

chrome parental controls

There is a wealth of information and tools online that can help your child succeed in life, however there are also dangers and adult content online that exist as well. So how is a parent supposed to monitor their children’s internet behavior.

Google Chrome is one of the world’s most popular web browsers. Linked with your child’s Google account, it has many extensions (kind of like apps for your web browser) that offer a parental control solution.

Here are some ways chrome parental controls can help your kid be safer online.

The Dangers That Lurk Online

There are many places on the internet we wish to protect your kid from. From inappropriate web pages to internet addiction, the dangers are real and prevalent. Luckily there are ways to allow your children to browse online safely by setting up these extensions.

1. Block Inappropriate Sites

The best way to protect your child from inappropriate sites is to download an extension that prohibits them from viewing blocked sites. You can choose by category, topic or keyword to block these sites. You can do all of this right from your Chrome browser. Block sites with questionable content so you can feel confident your child isn’t going to stumble across something disturbing or inappropriate.

2. Monitor Activity

Monitoring your child’s browsing history also gives you peace of mind. While most Chrome extensions allow you to block websites and see their web history. Many parents would also like to know who they are messaging or posting online as well. An app that monitors their phone like Highster Mobile allows parents to monitor their child’s phone and web activity across several different apps, not just Google Chrome.

3. Limit Time Online

Researches say most kids spend too much time on their screens. Too much screen time is not good for a child’s development. It can lead to learning and behavioral issues down the line. Downloading a Chrome extension to limit their time online is a good way to start.

PROTIP: Some kids can be so engrossed in their online activity that when it’s time to turn off the screen they throw a fit. Avoid a hassle and give a reminder 10 minutes, 5 minutes and 2 minutes before their designated screen time is set to end. During that time, ask your child about what they are doing online. This not only allows your child’s brain to destimulate, you are also connecting with them about the stuff they are interested in.

Research The Apps That Work Best For You

There are so many chrome parental controls out there that it may seem overwhelming. To start your research Google “Chrome Parental Extensions”. You can go right to the Google Play Store on Chrome to download these extensions, but you should get some reviews of them first. These reviews usually tell you how the app works and what you can do with it. Some are free, some have a cost and some are free to download, but have upgrades you have to pay to unlock. Choose which one is best for you based on what you need.

Protect Your Child Outside of Chrome

Most kids do all of their browsing on their phones. This is not limited to just searching for things on Google Chrome. They go on apps like WhatsApp, Instagram or Snapchat, a Chrome parental control extension can’t monitor what they do on these apps. Only phone monitoring software like Highster Mobile can allow you to remotely monitor your child’s online and phone activity . This app works on just about any iPhone or Android device.

Protecting your kids online takes more work than just setting up parental controls on the computer. With the entire world open to them right in their pockets, their phones are their gateway to it.  Don’t you want to make sure you are the gatekeeper?