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How To Set Up Cox Parental Controls

cox parental controls

What Is Cox? 

Cox is an American communications company that provides televisions, internet, phone, smart home and security services. Cox Communications is most commonly used by families as a television service provider, providing TV equipment, DVR, and premium channels. 

They offer various packages depending on what you want and need:

  • Cox TV Starter (Starts at $25/month)
  • Cox Contour TV (Starts at $69.99/month)
  • Cox Contour TV Ultimate (Starts at $171.49/month)

All of the packages listed above allow users access to the Contour app where they can get access to TV apps, and live on-demand content. 

Cox Parental Controls

Parental Control Pin

Before you set any parental controls on your television, make sure to set up your parental control pin. By doing so, you will prevent your children from changing any of the controls you set. To set this, you will want to navigate to your Cox Settings on your television, and then select Parental Controls

Auto-Set Parental Controls

With Cox, you can use the Auto-Set Parental Controls feature to easily set up parental controls on your television. Note, this is only available on Contour 2 and Cox Mini Box devices. To use this, press the Contour button on your remote → Settings auto-set Parental Controls. Follow the prompts and adjust the settings as you like. For example, limiting shows rated TV-MA or movies rated R by selecting Teens: 13 – 17 Years

Manual Parental Controls On Contour 1 Devices

Since Contour 1 devices do not have Auto-Set Parental Controls, you will have to set them manually. You will still be able to create a parental control pin though. In the control settings, lock specific channels, ratings, content advisories, and block titles. You can also block times where television cannot be watched. To access these controls, go to your device’s Settings and select Parental Locks

Keeping Kids Safe With Using Cox

By enabling the above parental controls, you can prevent your child from viewing violent and inappropriate content on your television. As a parent, it’s your job to ensure they have a proper and appropriate technology experience. You should also consider enabling parental controls on popular video streaming apps they use such as Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu.

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