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Cybersecurity Training For Employees: Why It’s Necessary

Cybersecurity Training For Employees: Why It's Necessary

One of the keys to a business’s success is its employees. Employees are what keep a business going and growing. One tiny mistake by an employee could lead to a business’s demise. This includes not putting the necessary cybersecurity protocols in place to protect the business’s data and information. Below, we discuss exactly what workplace cybersecurity is and why cybersecurity training for employees is important. 

What Is Business Cybersecurity?

Business cybersecurity is the practice of protecting your company’s data, networks, servers, and devices from being accessed without authorization. These practices are typically used to prevent online criminals from getting access to private business information and customer data. However, proper business cybersecurity cannot be practiced unless all employees have had the appropriate training. 

Why Is Cybersecurity Training For Employees Necessary

Ensures There Are No Weak Links In The Company

If there is one cybersecurity weak link in a company, it could cause the entire company’s downfall. By having your employees take regular cybersecurity training courses, they will all be on the same page and will be up-to-date with the latest cybersecurity threats. So, in the event they face a threat, they will know how to handle the situation. 

Protect Your Business From Cybersecurity Threats

The obvious reason to require cybersecurity training and protocols in the workplace is to protect your business from online threats. These threats are designed to be sneaky and discrete so they are hard to detect. Common online security dangers include:

  • Phishing: When scammers attempt to get an online user to do a specific action. This includes filling out an online form, entering a giveaway, or providing credit card information. Often, phishing attacks occur via email. 
  • Data Breaches: Occur when private information and data are released intentionally or unintentionally. Data breaches are often caused by hackers or business employees. 
  • Hackers: Hackers look to gain access to a business’s networks, servers, and devices to obtain confidential, personal, and financial information. They could use the information obtained for a variety of things including selling the data to third-parties, identity theft, and blackmail. 
  • Scammers: Scammers look to con employees into providing information about themselves and the company they work for. They will often pretend to be someone you know or use intimidation to get what they want. 
  • Computer Viruses & Malware: Online viruses and malware are used to infiltrate and take control over company devices. Viruses and malware are often downloaded from infected or fake websites, or downloading email files from unknown sources. 

Secure Your Private & Confidential Business Information

Teaching employees about cybersecurity helps keep your business’s information secure. A business’s information includes financial documents, memos, emails, trade secrets, account login information, and much more. If someone were to get their hand on this information, it could greatly impact your business. 

Protect Your Customer’s Information

Employees don’t just protect their company’s data, but customers’ information as well. Name, DOB, social security number, credit card and bank information, and account information. All of this information in the hands of online criminals could lead to identity theft, fraud, and blackmail. If this happens to your business, you will lose the trust of your customers. 

Tips For Cybersecurity Employee Training

Find The Right Training Course For Your Company

First and foremost, find the right training course to fit your company’s needs. There are companies that offer security awareness training programs like Proofpoint (used to be Wombat Security), or you could hire freelance security professionals to teach your staff. You could also opt for customized training specified for your company. 

Have Your Employees Trained Regularly

Cybersecurity practices and threats are ever changing, so it’s important your employees are trained regularly. Doing this will ensure that your employees are aware of the latest cybersecurity techniques, protocols, and dangers to watch out for. 

Make Training Mandatory

Cybersecurity training should be mandatory for all employees. One employee who doesn’t know the proper practices could expose a company’s data and devices. It’s best to make an employee’s first training session mandatory upon being hired (if possible). 

Cover The Essential Cybersecurity Topics

As part of cybersecurity training, there are a number of topics that are essential to cover. These topics include:

  • Email, Password, Web, and Mobile Security
  • Cyber Threats and How To Identify Them
  • Social Media Dangers
  • Data Management and Protection
  • Malware and Viruses
  • Social Engineering 
  • Internet Safety Basics
  • Online Scams

Consider Running Simulations

As part of the training process, consider running cybersecurity simulations imitating situations that could occur. For example, sending your employees phishing emails and see if they handle the situation appropriately. These simulations also help to see if the training was effective and if further training is needed. 

Clearly, cybersecurity training is essential for company employees to have. It ultimately protects both the business and its customers from online threats. By having the proper training, your company will be less exposed to cyber threats. For more employee cybersecurity awareness tips, click here.

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