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Dangers of Smartphones on Children That A Mobile Phone Monitoring App Can Prevent

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Smartphones are highly advanced types of mobile devices that are capable of so many things, which is also the reason why finding the best cell phones on the market can be very challenging. Among the most useful features of smartphones are video recorders, media players, portable cameras, as well as GPS units.

Aside from all those functions, smartphones also come with a lot of entertainment features and apps, which young children really enjoy using. But is it okay to let children have their own smartphones? What exactly are the effects of such devices on their health and wellbeing?

Here are the dangers that can be caused by smartphones on your kid’s’ growth:

1. Smartphones prevent children from experiencing true social interaction.

A lot of smartphone apps and games are designed specifically for children. While the intention of the makers of these apps and games is to offer entertainment and a unique kind of education, the effects they have on children are often undesirable. Basically, smartphones discourage kids from interacting with other children and people. Today, children are hardly seen playing outdoor games and doing different activities that are beneficial for their growth and development.

2. Smartphones may result in the weakening of your child’s eyes.

Studies show that extreme exposure to smartphones at an early age is likely to result in poor eye sight for children. When your child spends a lot of time using his smartphone, his eyes may be under a lot of stress, which can lead to headaches and migraine as well. To make sure this doesn’t happen to your child, set limitations as to how long they can use their phones. With the help of a mobile phone monitoring app, you will know how much time your child spends every day on his or her phone.

3. Smartphones can hinder your child’s brain development.

When using smartphones, kids form the habit of shifting from one option to another, and this teaches them to pick up only small bits of information, which is definitely a hindrance to their brain development. Thus, it’s important that you prevent your child from spending way too much time using their devices.

4. Smartphone use can affect your child’s physical development.

Children easily get hooked on video and online games, and so they tend to be in the same position for a long time. As a result, kids lack the physical activity that their bodies require to fully develop. This can also result to obesity in children.


As a parent, you have to be aggressive enough if you want to protect your child from the harmful effects of smartphones. Invest in the best monitoring app for iPhone like Highster Mobile, which can be an effective tool that you can use to monitor your child’s use of smartphones.