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How To Set Up Dish Parental Controls

dish parental controls

What Is DISH? 

DISH is a satellite service that offers television programming for its customers. DISH network offers pay-per-view channels and DISH Anywhere, an app that can be used to access its content from a smartphone or tablet. There are a lot of families using DISH, so it is important that parental controls be activated. 

DISH Parental Controls 

Parents who are using DISH may have concerns over some of the content that is on TV and whether it is safe for their kids. The good news is that DISH has parental control features that can be used to help keep kids safe. With DISH TV, parents can set channel and rating locks, and limit the adult channels that kids are able to access. 

Getting Started With DISH’s Parental Controls 

Each box running DISH in a house will need its own parental control setup. To adjust the settings on a particular box, select MenuSettingsParental Controls. Here parents can set up parental controls for their kids on a particular television in the house. 

TV Guardian 

DISH has a feature called TV Guardian that can be used to help filter out adult language that is spoken or on closed captioning. To set up TV Guardian on a television using DISH, go to AppsTV GuardianTV Guardian Filter. To edit the settings, select Additional Sub-Filters Edit.  

DISH Anywhere 

DISH Anywhere is an app that can be used to access the TV shows and movies on DISH without having a television. Because kids can access the content remotely, it is important for parents to utilize the parental control settings within the app. 

First, log in and set up DISH Anywhere with a Passcode. Go to Parental Controls and Create Passcode to set up the devices with a passcode and set restrictions. Now go back to Settings and Parental Controls and adjust the desired settings and restrictions for the particular device. This will keep kids safe if they are using DISH Anywhere on a cell phone. 

Keeping Kids Safe on DISH 

There are a lot of families using DISH to watch kids shows, the news, sports, and everything in between. The satellite provider has made it easy for parents to keep their kids safe when they are using its service. Parents can utilize the parental control features offered by DISH to make sure that the content being shown is appropriate for their kids.

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