How Exactly Does a GPS Tracking System Work?

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How Exactly Does a GPS Tracking System Work?

Nobody in today’s world finds GPS an alien term: we all know about it, we all know that it’s a navigation system which helps pinpoint location, and we all know that  smart phones can be used for the purpose.

But while the purpose of a GPS tracking system is well known, the deeper and intricate mechanism of its work is relatively unknown. It’s not really all that difficult to understand, as you’re about to find out.

Its Central Management

Owned and controlled by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), the GPS and the US Military go back a long way. Originally experimented upon and designed for the benefit of the US Navy during the Cold War, the technology behind the GPS system was used to track submarines carrying nuclear weapons. It blew into becoming a navigation system that relied on the detection and measurement of the frequency of radio waves. Ground stations collaborate with satellites and that formed the original basis for the famous navigation system which would go on to serve so many people all around the world.

GPS for the World

No longer the exclusive domain of the US Military, GPS today is used by civilians not only American but from all around the world for the purpose of navigation. The service is provided to them free of charge and there are no restrictions applied.

Who Uses Is Today

In addition to the obvious military usage many individuals benefit from installing GPS tracking devices on their electronic devices and vehicles for purposes of personal safety and navigational help. Companies and corporations—mostly those which involve frequent movement, such as that of trucks—also use the device to keep track of their vehicles and goods. Parents have started investing in the system in order to better scrutinize their children. Valuable assets when being transported from one place to another are also monitored using a GPS tracking system.

How It Works

Think of GPS as a highly advanced and sophisticated tracker that functions in microwaves. The GPS system can be installed in cell phones, cars, etc. A device that contains a GPS tracking system—such as a smart phone—carries the active software around with it whether moving or stationary. From the larger movements of a vehicle to the less notable movements of a person, all can be traced using a GPS tracker.

Using the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) a GPS tracking system manages to receive data from satellites in microwaves, and can reveal a person’s or a vehicle’s location, rate of acceleration, and which direction it is headed in. Time can also be recorded and thus information in real-time can be gained with pristine accuracy. Additionally, a GPS tracking device can also reveal the history of navigation on any device.

In a GPS system there is a receiver which receives signals from satellites in microwaves and processes them, and the position of a subject can be computed in 3D. Out there in space are 24 satellites—plus 3, which are backup in case of failure—which orbit the Earth and send back signals to millions of people, helping them navigate. This information is received by tracking stations which are found in many ground locations around the world.

That’s all, folks!

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