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How To Set Up Facebook Parental Controls

facebook parental controls

What Is Facebook? 

Facebook is a social media platform, used by people of all ages worldwide. It is available through the App Store and Google Play, and on web browsers. Users can begin by creating a Facebook account at www.Facebook.com.

Facebook was the social media platform that started today’s modern age of social networks, which was created by Mark Zuckerburg in February 2004. Today, there are over 2 billion monthly active users on the social media service worldwide.

Facebook Parental Controls

Facebook Messenger Kids

People of all ages use the social media platform, from seniors to teens. For parents whose kids are using Facebook, it is important to understand basic internet safety rules and the parental control features that Facebook offers. Facebook’s terms of service say that no child under 13 can have their own account, so children who are younger can only use the Facebook Messenger Kids app that is attached to the parent’s profile. 

The Facebook Messenger Kids app can be used by kids to safely communicate with their friends and approved contacts. It also allows parents to manage their child’s profile, edit their contacts, and monitoring their messages and activity. 

To create a Facebook Messenger Kids account for a child, first log in to the parent account. Click Messenger Kids in the menu on the left. Under Accounts You Manage select Create Another Account. Now enter the child’s first and last name and click Continue and Create Account

Now the child has their own Facebook Messenger Kids account that the parent will be able to manage for them. The child can download the Facebook Messenger Kids app from the Google Play Store or the App Store, depending on what sort of device they are using. 

Approve Friend Requests 

Parents have control of who their kids can message on the Messenger Kids app. There are two main settings, Only I Can Choose Contacts and My Child Can Choose Contacts. Under the “Only I” option, children can send requests and the parent can approve friend requests from the Parent Dashboard on the Facebook app. 

Under the other setting, kids can use friending codes to send to those they want to connect with, and the parent can review and cancel the requests from the dashboard if they do not approve of them.  

Make Your Child’s Account Private 

Parents choose to make their child’s account public or private. Under SettingsPrivacy , the Privacy option allows parents to control a variety of settings including who can use the child’s information to contact them and send them requests. The parent can also prevent their child from showing up in the search results of other users on Facebook. 

Block Facebook Accounts 

Parents have the ability to block accounts that they do not want to be in contact with their child. Go back to Settings →  Blocking. Here the parent can block certain Facebook profiles or even Pages that they do not want to be visible to their child. 

Manage Who Can See Your Child’s Posts

This feature allows parents to control who can see the child’s posts. The child may post photos or videos that the parent does not want to be visible to the world. They can edit who can see them or like and comment on them here. 

Privacy Checkup

To easily review your child’s Facebook account privacy settings, you can run a Privacy Checkup. This can be found by going to Settings Privacy Privacy Shortcuts Check a few important things.

Keeping Kids Safe on Facebook 

Facebook has built Facebook Messenger Kids to help keep kids stay safe while messaging others. While kids under the age of 13 are not allowed to have a Facebook account, according to the terms of service, they are able to have the Messenger Kids app and have an account that is attached to their parent’s account. If a child is above the age of 13, there a number of security and privacy setting parents can utilize to protect them. 

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