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How To Set Up Galaxy Tab Parental Controls

galaxy tab parental controls

What Is The Galaxy Tab? 

The Galaxy Tab is a tablet provided by Samsung. These tablets run on the Android operating system, and can access the internet through a Wi-Fi connection or by using a cellular data network. 

The tablets are very popular among both kids and adults today. There are a lot of games and apps available from the Google Play Store that are fun and entertaining for both, and the devices also serve well as work devices for adults. Parents who get a Samsung tablet for their kids are going to want to make sure that they are safe while using the devices. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab Parental Controls 

Like Apple’s iPads, the Samsung Galaxy Tab models have built-in parental controls. To help parents keep their kids safe when using these Android devices, Samsung has available the Kids Mode app, which is available on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and higher. 

Using the Kids Mode App 

To get set up with parental controls on the Galaxy Tab, download the Kids Mode app from the Google Play Store. The app will allow parents to choose what apps can be used on the device, set screen time restrictions, and only give the child access to family-friendly content.

– Restrict The Child’s Profile  

To keep the Kids Mode app from being turned on and off, the parent must create a restricted profile for the child on the tablet. Go to the Tab’s settings and go to UsersAdd User or Profile → Choose Restricted Profile. Now, set up a password that will be used to change the child’s profile settings. 

– Permitting Apps

Up to 30 apps can be added to be allowed on the child’s device. In the Kids Mode app, click Parental Controls and enter the passcode. Select ApplicationsAdd → Tap Accept for a disclaimer if it appears. Now, the parent is able to select apps that are going to be allowed for use on the child’s device. Native apps on the device like camera and music will be allowed by default. 

– Setting Screen Time Limits 

To set screen time limits that restrict the amount of time that a child can spend on the device, first go to the Kids Mode App. Select Parental Controls and enter the passcode. Now, choose Daily Playtime Limit, and enter the time limit that will be allowed for the device or choose No Time Limit to not have screen limit restrictions on the tablet. 

Google Family Link 

For some parental control features and settings, the parent will want to have the Google Family Link app, which is available in the Google Play Store. The app will allow parents to choose what websites their child can visit, track the location of the child’s device (if it has a cellular connection), lock the device, and much more. Family Link includes many features that Kids Mode does not. 

Keeping Kids Safe On The Samsung Galaxy Tab   

Samsung has made available built-in features on the Samsung Tab through the Kids Mode and Family Link apps that can help parents keep their kids safe. These tablets are powerful devices that give children access to the internet via Wi-Fi or even a cellular data network, so they should be used wisely.  

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