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Get Refunds When You Deserve it with Highster Mobile


How many times have you been refunded having being given a product that does not satisfy you? This is a very rare activity especially with the service providers in the internet world. Many are the times when persons purchase items or product and later find out that the product or the item does not satisfy them but lack to be refunded or catered for by the service provider. There have been many people that have asked “can I monitor a cell phone?” but they haven’t gotten satisfaction from the competitors. With the Highster Mobile cell phone monitoring software, the story of non refund change as it is a culture that when a client is not satisfied with the product or when the installation process is not successful, the client is refunded without any deductions attached to it.

The Highster Mobile has a policy know as the refund policy that regulates the purchasing of the software. It is very important to check if a provider has a refund policy before the purchase of any product or service. The refund policy of the Highster Mobile should always be read before completing the order. The main content of the policy is the explanation of the purchaser’s rights regarding the purchasing process which mainly elaborates the potential exclusions and restrictions when cell phone monitoring gadgets occur. It is important to note that once the order is placed it is a sign that the person purchasing has read and agreed to the refund policy.

The Highster Mobile refund policy states that if a person is not fully satisfied with the service and the software that has been provided to them, they are entitled to seek a full refund according to the refund terms and conditions that are outlined in the refund policy. This gives you an opportunity of getting just what you need. Before requesting for a refund, the purchaser is usually advised to seek help from the customer care thus avoiding unnecessary misunderstandings. The refund policy has surely enhanced the quality of services being provided thus with Highster Mobile, you always receive the best .Remember that a time spun has also been attached to the refund time and that refunds should be claimed within 10 days.

The refunds are given under terms and conditions as stated. First it is clear that no refund will be done for claims made after 10 days. Once the license key has been activated, no refund will be made. This is because the key activation means the acceptance of delivery of the call phone listening monitoring gadgets product and that of the terms and conditions. Once the software has been used by the purchaser in any capacity, no refund will be issued. When the provider alerts you of an upgrading to the latest Highster Mobile, yet one does not adhere to the alert, no refund will be made.

The reason that may lead to refund includes; if the phone that is targeted no longer has internet access. When a customer fails to follow the installation instructions well and therefore fails to be successful, when the customer looses access to the target person, if the client is unable to receive the data from the targeted phone due to installation problems and failures. If the customer expected that buying of one license will enable the monitoring of a number of phones not knowing that one license equals to one phone. Due to personal reasons for example mind change. When a client is unwilling to jailbreak an apple device, to conduct rooting on the android device, or if the customer is unwilling or unable to conduct the trouble shooting process.

The refund procedure requires you to send refund request to [email protected] that no refund requests made by live conversation or through the phone is acceptable.