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Go Mobile: Take Advantage of Employee Monitoring Technology Trends

The corporate world has been abuzz with hot topics like employee engagement and employee monitoring benefits lately. In the past year, more and more business owners took this trend even further by featuring more employee monitoring advancements into their companies to improve their performance and productivity.

Business owners are looking to use these tools to restructure their company and working environment, with aims to improve productivity, effectively manage and handle employees, and boost employee engagement. And contrary to what most employees would say, employers have used employee monitoring software to improve the work experience of their workforce.

What Are The Current Trends in Employee Monitoring?

Employee monitoring practices have been around for a long time. In the past, employers, managers, and supervisors have made rounds in the office, asking how their employees are doing and looking at the work done. They also do this to catch those slackers that are so adept at not being seen. With the advent of the security camera, employers can see if any of the employees are not doing their jobs by looking at the feed on the closed circuit. These cameras have improved over the years and even added audio, but there are still loopholes on this kind of monitoring that employees can take advantage of.

But recent developments in monitoring enabled business owners to not only access the feed on security cameras but the systems their employees are using as well. Monitoring apps enabled them to see what the employees’ activities are and if these are in line with what the company is paying the employees for. Let us take a look at some of the modern trends brought about by the improvements in monitoring technology.

  • One-time analysis has transitioned to real-time analysis. The one-time analysis may have been adequate in the past but it is not so effective anymore, especially since last year. Companies have transitioned from looking at end-of-day or end-of-week reports to taking a look at the real-time contributions of their employees to the business and this approach proved to be more effective. Monitoring apps installed on computers have done their job. But with the increase in the usage of company phones in doing tasks, cell phone monitoring software is surging. And they are as effective as their PC counterparts. By using the data that is being fed by these apps in real-time, employers are able to get a clearer picture of how engaged their employees are.
  • Computer and phone monitoring apps like Highster Mobile can track how much time the employee has spent on a particular activity and this can be an indicator of how efficiently the worker uses his time. With all the data available from the monitoring practice, business owners will be able to make smart decisions to improve their business.
  • Employee monitoring apps enable employers to find ways to boost productivity at the employee level. Employee productivity has always been an issue and employee monitoring and the data it provides allows employers and management to find out how to improve productivity without any added expense on the part of the ownership.
  • Monitoring employees provides data that can help find the processes which should be improved if they are too inefficient, removed if they are redundant, or redesigned if they are outdated. All of this is aimed at strengthening employee engagement on his work and thereby improving his productivity. This is how modern business owners take advantage of improvements in employee monitoring devices and practices.
  • Automation has been around for a long time but has only been applied to monitoring. Gone are the days when an employee would have to take a look at all the communications every employee sends through the company and manually try to find certain words or verbiage. With modern monitoring apps, such as Highster Mobile, these verbiages can be automatically detected and the appropriate steps are taken to deal with them.
  • It can do other things automatically as well, like monitoring how the employee uses his phone and how much time he spends on specific apps or activities, and then generating reports on how it tracked time on these activities. Tools like Highster help save money by reducing the need to hire more people just to take care of certain tasks, which the app is now doing automatically. It also reduces the possibility of committing a mistake, boosts productivity and streamlines processes thereby reducing the time it takes to complete a task.
  • Because monitoring apps show everything that an employee has done, transparency has now become vital in the modern workplace. And employees are getting more and more comfortable with the fact that they are being monitored. That is because the managers and employers are making them understand the importance of their being monitored.
  • Studies have suggested that around half of all employees feel more comfortable knowing that their employers are monitoring them and knowing the reason why. When compared to figures of only 10% of employees being comfortable with monitoring only three years ago, this is definitely a big improvement, with the figure projected to be much higher in the coming years. It is expected that employers will choose employee monitoring software that can keep personal data safe as well as monitor employees, which will give employees ownership of all their information.
  • Monitoring apps have made it possible to create more accommodating working arrangements for employees. It is estimated that around 66% of all employees hired by U.S. companies do not work inside the office. It is expected that in five year’s time in 2025, the number of remote workers, those who are monitored by their home office, will match the number of those in the office itself.

Improving your business is not only a responsibility that you owe to yourself, but to your employees as well. With all of the developments in employee monitoring, it is now easy to track the activities of all your employees, even the remote ones, so you can create a streamlined process that can help boost your employees’ work engagement and productivity. One of the tools that are perfect for the startup or established company is Highster Mobile, with all of its features that allow it to access just about the entire phone. Learn more about this great app by heading to https://highstermobile.com/ for more information.