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How To Set Up Google Chrome Parental Controls

google chrome parental controls

Many parents are desperate for something that will help them monitor the activity of their child’s smartphone web browsing activity. There’s a lot of inappropriate content out there that is unsuitable for kids, and without proper parental controls, it is nearly impossible for a parent to keep their children safe while they are online using apps or browsing the web. 

The Google Chrome browser has tools that help parents keep their kids safe while they are browsing the web, using apps, or watching YouTube. SafeSearch and the Family Link app are two of the great features from Google that enable parents to know that their kids are safe from adult content. 

What Is Google Chrome? 

Google Chrome is Google’s web browser. If you are unfamiliar with Chrome, it is essentially like Windows Edge or Apple Safari, but with features optimized for users who use other Google products like Gmail.  Chrome has a clean feel to it and is functional for those who need a browser for business or personal purposes. It is best suited for those who are using Gmail for their email browser or Google Drive as their cloud storage service. 

Chrome Parental Controls 


The Google Chrome web browser has a SafeSearch feature, which filters out Google searches that are sexually explicit. It is a helpful tool for parents who are looking for something to help set parental controls on their child’s computer or smartphone. SafeSearch is compatible for iOS or Android devices, and even works with Android TV. Chrome also allows parents to block sites from being visited from their child’s device. 

How To Set Up SafeSearch 

It’s quick and easy to turn on SafeSearch. In the Google app, go to SettingsGeneral, and select on next to “SafeSearch.” For internet browsers on smartphones or tablets, go to Search Settings and check the box next to “Filter Explicit Results.” For Android TV, it can be turned on under SettingsPreferences, and by selecting SearchSafeSearch filter.  

Google Family Link App

This app from Google is all about helping children establish healthy habits concerning their electronic devices. Parents can monitor their browsing history to see what sites their kids have been visiting. They can manage the apps that are downloaded to their smartphones and control app use. 

Family Link also enables parents to monitor the screen time of their kids so that they know how much time they spend on their smartphones or tablets, or if they are using them when they should not be. It is important for kids to start developing healthy habits on their devices at an early age. Spending too much time staring at a screen can lead to social problems down the road. There is a fool-proof feature that lets parents remotely lock the device whenever it’s time to take a break, whether it’s time for dinner or to go outside. They can then set the device to unlock at a certain time. 

Some apps like TikTok are extremely popular among children and pre-teens but can be full of inappropriate content that is not safe for kids. There is even adult content on these apps that can pop up randomly, so it is important for parents to know what apps their kids are using. Family Link even has a feature that shows what apps are recommended by teachers to be safe and educational for kids. 

Keeping Kids Safe On Google Chrome

These days, children are getting access to the internet at younger ages than ever before. With this in mind, parents are searching for a solution that they can use to keep their kids safe while they are online without having to prohibit them from having a smartphone altogether. 

With the Google Chrome parental controls listed above, parents can sleep peacefully knowing that their kids are safe while navigating the digital world. 

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