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How To Set Up Google Family Link Parental Controls

google family link parental controls

Google Family Link is an app that is available from Google that helps parents manage restrictions on their child’s devices. Parents can set screen time limits, block apps, remotely lock the phone, and even track the location of the devices that the child is using. 

Google Family Link is available for both iOS and Android devices. Parents can control the settings within the parent app on their own phone or by going to the website for Google Family Link.   

Parental Controls for Google Family Link 

With so many kids getting smartphones, it is important for parents to use the parental control settings that are available for their kids. Thankfully, Google Family Link is the easiest way to set-up restrictions on the devices of all types 

Getting Started With Google Family Link’s Parental Controls 

To set-up parental control settings with Google Family Link, first download the Family Link App from the App Store or Google Play Store. Then sign in with the Google account that will be used to manage the control settings. 

The parent will need to link their account to the child’s Google account, so the child will need to also download the Family Link app to their device and login with their own account. If they don’t have an account, you will need to create a Google account for your child.

Blocking and Managing Apps 

Once the parent is logged in with Family Link and has linked their account to their child’s account, they can begin setting up restrictions on the devices. To block apps that are used on the child’s device, open the Family Link app and select the child’s device to manage. Then find the Apps Installed section and select More. Now choose the name of the app to block, by selecting to not allow it. 

To change permissions for a certain app, go to Family Link and select the child. Now choose Settings and App Permissions and select a permission. Now choose on or off.  

Manage App Activity

Parents can keep an eye on how much time their children are using a certain app. For example, this lets parents know if their child is on TikTok all day when they are supposed to be studying. 

To view the app activity of a particular device, go to Family Link, select the child, and now choose App Activity. Choose Set up to turn on the feature. Parents will be able to monitor their child’s activity within a few hours. 

Set Screen Time Limits

Parents can also control the screen time and data usage limits on their child’s device using Family Link. To set limits on screen time, open the Family Link app, select the child to set screen time limits for. Now, find the Daily Limit card and choose Set up to begin setting up screen time limits or Edit limits to edit the settings on the device. 

How To Lock A Child’s Device 

If parents need to lock a child’s device, they can do so with Family Link. One reason you may want to do this is if your child’s phone is lost or stolen. To do this, open the Family Link app and select the child whose phone is to be locked. On the card for the child’s device, select Lock now to lock the device. The parent can return and select Unlock to change the setting. 

Keeping Kids Safe on Google Family Link 

Google Family Link has great built-in features for parents to help keep their kids safe while they are using cell phones and other devices. The app lets parents set screen time limits, monitor and block apps, and even lock the device remotely.

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