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How To Set Up Google Fi Parental Controls

Google Fi Parental Controls

What Is Google Fi? 

Google Fi is a cellular service available from Google. Users can join by getting the Google Pixel with at-home activation through Wi-Fi. There is a Flexible plan for those that are looking for an economical option, or an Unlimited plan for those that spend a lot of time on their phone. Google Fi works by connecting the phone to the 4G LTE networks of other carriers and Wi-Fi. In essence, it is a private-label network, using the networks of other companies and rebranding it under its own name.  

Users can purchase a Pixel Pixel 4a, Moto G Stylus, or Moto G Power, or they can bring their old phone to Google and they can see if it is compatible with their service. Google Fi is still in beta mode for iPhones, but with some changes in the settings it can run on the iOS smartphones. 

Group Plans 

Google Fi also offers Group Plans, which is a family account discount that extends to people besides family members. The user can set-up a group of 5 who will get a discount on their plans. 

Google Fi Parental Controls 

Google Fi has parental controls available for its mobile devices. Parents that are using the service will want to make sure that their kids are safe when they are using Google’s phones to access the internet and use apps or social media. 

Google Family Link App 

Google uses the Family Link app for setting up restrictions on its devices. It can be downloaded from Google Play, the app store used for smartphones using Google Fi. Parents can use the app from Google to remotely lock the phone, set data usage limits, restrict the screen time of the device, and manage a child’s phone overall. 

To set-up parental controls for a Google Fi phone, first login on the Family Link for Parents app on your device. Then, add each child’s account that you want to manage. Follow the instructions provided. The app will also need to be downloaded on each child’s device.  

– Screen Time Limits 

Under the child’s account on the Google Family link app, go to Account SettingsDaily LimitEdit Limits. Here, the parent can control how much time the child is allowed to use the device for.  

– Remotely Lock

To remotely lock one of the phones on the account, go to the account settings in Family Link and select Lock. If you wish to eventually unlock the phone, you will need to enter the code given on the parent’s device. 

– Manage Apps 

Family Link allows parents to manage the apps your child uses. Go to the child’s profile in the app, go to the Apps screen, and tap More. Here, the parent can select specific apps that they want to be blocked by selecting Allow App to on or off. 

To manage the apps that are purchased on the device, go to the Google Play Store homepage. Go to Family Group All Content to require approval for all downloads and paid content like in-app purchases.

– Setting Data Usage Limits

Just like parents can control screen time usage on a Google Fi phone, they can control the data usage on the device as well. Go to the Family Link app and choose the account to adjust. Doing this will help kids establish good habits when they are using their Google Fi smartphones.   

Keeping Kids Safe with Google Fi  

Google has launched its cellular service with features that are designed to keep kids safe. These features can be controlled through Google’s parental control app, Family Link, that is available in the Google Play Store.

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