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How To Set Up Google Nest Parental Controls

google nest parental controls

What Is Google Nest? 

The Google Nest is a smart home device that allows users to do a variety of things around the home. There are devices that monitor the temperature, smart speakers, and security systems like door locks that all fall under the Google Nest umbrella. The Nest Yale lock, Hello video doorbell, and Secure alarm system can help integrate a home under one group of devices. 

Because the devices have internet connection, it is important for families to make sure that their kids are safe while they are using Google Nest devices. Google also has the Google Home App that can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store. This will allow them to control the Google Nest, Home, and Chromecast devices.  

Google Nest Parental Controls

Google Family LInk

Google has Google Family Link that parents can use to protect the digital wellbeing of their kids. This will ensure parents that their child’s personal information is safe and can restrict access to certain content. 

The first step to keeping a child safe while they are connected to the internet using these devices is setting up a Google Family Link account. Parents will be able to control settings for the child across their different devices, and block apps, set time limits, and use other parental control features.  These settings make sure that the child is safe while they are using the Google smart home products or while they are using YouTube, Google Play Music, and other apps on their devices. 

Before using the Google Family Link account, you must make sure your whole family has Google Accounts. 

Google Home App

The Google Home App, which can be downloaded to mobile devices, integrates all the smart home devices installed in the home and allows the user to control them room by room. Parents can also control YouTube and Google Play Music settings directly from the Google Home App. 

YouTube Restricted Mode 

Parents can use the YouTube Restricted Mode to ensure that the content their child is accessing through YouTube is safe. This can be done in the Google Home App by going to MenuMoreSettings Devices and selecting YouTube Restricted Mode

Google Play Music 

Parents can also adjust the settings within Google Play Music to make sure that the kids have access to music that is appropriate for them. Go to the Google Play website, select Settings in the top left corner, and select Block explicit songs in radio under the General section of the settings. This will make sure only appropriate music for kids is played on Google Nest devices. 

Purchases On Google Nest 

When a child has a profile and uses a Google Nest device, Google automatically turns off purchases on their profile. Parents can also block third-party apps using their Family Link account. 

Digital Wellbeing

Parents can also turn on Digital Wellbeing, a feature that filters explicit music and video content, and Google Assistant answers that would be explicit. To setiup Digital Wellbeing, go to the Google Home App, select SettingsDigital Wellbeing Set upNext. Now choose who the filters will apply to in the account, and what to filter. 

The parent can select Video to only play YouTube Restricted Mode, Music to block certain music, and Additional controls to select settings for calls and text messages or assistant answers. There is also a Downtime feature to set usage limits on a device. 

Keeping Kids Safe on Google Nest 

The Google Nest smart home devices can help parents integrate their entire home with smart speakers, thermostat controls, and more. They can set-up a Google Family Link account to help keep kids safe across their different devices, and the Google Home App can help control YouTube and Google Play settings. Digital Wellbeing is another feature that helps parents keep their kids safe on these devices.

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