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How To Set Up Google Pixel Parental Controls

Google pixel parental controls

What Is The Google Pixel? 

Google is in the smartphone industry with its own smartphone line, Google Pixel. Each of the Pixel smartphone types they offer are terrific for children. These phones run on Android OS, which is developed in part by Google. Google has a plethora of apps and games available in the Google Play Store, many of which are safe and fun for kids. Parents who get their child a Google Pixel will want to be certain that they are safe while they are using the smartphone. Google has the Family Link app, which is available in the Google Play Store app , to help parents monitor their child’s activity. 

Google Pixel Parental Controls 

The first step to securing and managing your child’s Google Pixel smartphone is setting up a passcode. This can help prevent your child’s information from being stolen by criminals. To do so just go to AppsSettingsSecurity and LocationScreen Lock, and select either Password, Pin, or Pattern. This greatly increases the security of the Android device and prevents others from accessing it.

Note: You will also want to make sure that your child has an existing Google account. 

Prohibiting Data Usage or Wi-Fi

Parents are able to block internet access on their child’s device. This is helpful when kids don’t need access to the web browsers or online apps. Go to Settings Network and Internet → and choose either Data Usage or Wi-Fi. Either or both can be turned off to limit the access of the device to the internet.  

Google Family Link

The Google Family Link app is where parents can control the apps that their kids download, view their screen time, approve and block apps, or lock their device. The Android OS is limited with its built-in parental control settings, but is all available with the Google Family Link app. 

In regards to screen time, parents can set screen time limits for their child’s phone. Time limits apply to all of the apps installed on the phone. When the time limit is reached, the child cannot see notifications or use apps. However, they will still be able to answer phone calls or make emergency calls.  

Parents must download the Google Family Link app from the Google Play Store. Then open the app, select Menu → Settings Parental Controls. From there, turn on Parental Controls and create a pin. This pin can be used for app purchases and to control the restrictions that are placed onto the child’s phone. Do not make the pin something that the child would be able to guess. 

Google Pixel Location

The Family Link app also allows parents to monitor the location of the smartphone. To do this, open the Family Link app, select the child, on the Location card click Set Up, select the settings to see the location, and Turn On. Once these settings are selected, the parent will be able to see their child’s location within the Family Link app. 

Web Browsing

One thing the Family Link app does not monitor or restrict is the web browsing. However, on the Google Pixel parents can monitor their child’s internet activity through the settings of the internet browser Chrome or Search within Family Link. This is helpful for knowing what type of content the child is able to view on their web browser. 

Keeping Kids Safe With Google Pixel 

Thanks to the Google Play Store and the Family Link app, kids can use their smartphones safely. Family Link has all the tools parents need to monitor the device. They can make sure their child has good habits with the screen time feature, track their location so they know where they are, and monitor the apps that the child is using. 

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