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How To Set Up Google Play Parental Controls

google play parental controls

What Is Google Play? 

The Google Play Store is used to buy apps for Android devices, similar to the App Store that is used on iOS devices. Many Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy use the Google Play Store to purchase apps, games, movies, music, and more. 

Users login to Google Play with their Google account and can begin browsing apps and other types of content available in the store. Those who are using Apple devices will not have access to the Google Play Store app. 

Google Play Parental Controls

Because there are so many kids who are using smartphones and other mobile devices like tablets, it is important for parents to understand the parental control settings that are available through the Google Play Store. There is also Google Family Link, a parental control service that will give the parent restrictions over other content on the device besides the content in the Google Play Store. 

Getting Started With Google Play’s Parental Controls 

To begin setting up parental control settings on the Google Play Store, first open the Google Play app. In the top left corner, tap the Menu icon that is the three parallel bars. Go to Settings and Parental Controls. Now turn on parental controls. Here, parents can set-up a passcode that will be used to keep the parental control settings secure on the devices. 

Set a Passcode 

After selecting to turn on the parental control features in the Google Play Store app, the parent will be prompted to create a pin or passcode. This code will be used by the parent to manage settings, as well as turn off or on the parental control restrictions. Be sure to keep this passcode a secret so that your kids are not able to get around the restrictions. 

Restrictions for Movies and TV 

Once the parent has set their passcode, they can begin setting up restrictions for the content that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store on the next screen. There are some apps that give the user access to mature content, so parents can set a maturity level that’s allowed for movies and TV shows. 

Blocking Apps and Games

For blocking the download or purchase of apps, parents can set a restriction rating for the apps that they are able to download to their device. This will prevent apps from being downloaded that have a mature content rating, but it will not apply to apps that are already downloaded to the device. So, the parent will need to make sure that the restrictions are applied before any apps have been downloaded. 

Screen Time Settings

Parents can control the screen time and data usage limits on their child’s device by setting up a Google Family Link account. Using Family Link along with the parental control settings if the Google Play Store gives a parent a lot of flexibility with controlling restrictions on their child’s device. 

Keeping Kids Safe On Google Play 

The Google Play Store has built-in parental control features that parents can use to help keep their kids safe while they are using the store to download apps, movies, music, and games. There are a lot of kids with access to the store from their Android and Google devices, so it is important for parents to understand and utilize these parental control restrictions to help keep their kids safe while they using their devices.

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